Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Zoo

We have just finished week 1 of living the urban life. Alli and Chris were planning on being out of town the last 2 weeks of August and so they graciously opened up their home to us. We are enjoying the proximity to so many downtown attractions. Yesterday we went to the zoo with friends and the drive was 10 minutes instead of our usual 45.

 The zoo currently has a Lego attraction. The girls enjoyed using a map to locate the animals and plants built from Legos throughout the zoo.

After a wildlife/bird show where our friend did not get picked as a volunteer (she was supposed to... long story), our group was offered a behind the scenes tour which included getting to hand feed this porcupine. It was a really fun experience for the girls (and us moms).

Thursday, August 13, 2015

CFA Broncos

One night during move week, Andrew took the girls to Chick-fil-a in their Broncos gear for some free food (side note... you know I was really sick to pass up going to Chick-fil-a but staying home sounded better).

Here they are enjoying their ice cream.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Old House

I am generally an overly sentimental person... I am very attached to things and places. So I was surprised that I was not very sad to leave our house (despite it being so full of sweet memories). I think the stress of our final weeks there made it so... I was just relieved that we got all of our stuff out of there on time. 

While trying to pack up, we all got a very bad cold (which resulted in multiple trips to the doctor and lots of lost sleep thanks to coughing) and our car decided to have issues (which resulted in multiple trips to the shop). On top of that, we didn't have a plan beyond August of where we were going to live, and I was trying to coordinate all of this change with human services (I felt paranoid to jeopardize Drew's placement with us). Oh and I had keep my 4 kids fed, clothed and generally happy. Needless to say, it was a very overwhelming couple of weeks.

On the last day, we stopped by the house to pick up the final few things. We went as a family of 6 so the girls could say goodbye to the house (Drew wasn't that aware of what was happening!) They were sad and cried. I was still feeling overwhelmed and anxious to get out of there. My sweet husband cured all of these emotions by taking advantage of all of the open space to wrestle the girls. It was a great time of laughter and fun to occupy our final minutes in that house. Here's a glimpse of the fun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Catching Up

So it has been a few weeks since I blogged. We have been in a big transition (and all been fighting the cold of the century). At the end of July was said goodbye to our first Colorado home. We loved that place, but were desiring more space for our growing family.

The market is hot here so we sold fast and had trouble finding something. The day after we moved out of our house, we looked at 5 more houses and made an offer on our favorite in that batch (since mid-June we offered on 3 other houses and things hadn't worked out for various reasons). About 24 hours later, we had negotiated a reasonable price with the seller and were under contract.

Our new house is really great and we are excited to move in. We don't close until the end of August so in the meantime we are living with family (which is such a blessing). I hope to catch up more in the coming days.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tooth Fairy Visit?

Davey is 5.5 and hasn't lost a tooth. Sometimes this bugs her because she feels like she is the only one who hasn't. 

I am not really sure how this all went down or exactly what it means, but we recently had an unexpected visit from the tooth fairy. This is what I think happened. Malia's friend gave her some Disney Princess Paper Dolls at the end of the school year. Malia had them in her backpack and forgot about them until a couple weeks ago. Malia forged a note from the tooth fairy and put it under Davey's pillow. Davey was thrilled at her gift and never questioned why the tooth fairy would bring her something when she hasn't lost a tooth (or why the tooth fairy was so bad at spelling).

 This is hard to see but Malia definitely tried to disguise her handwriting. This leaves us wondering if she is on to us.

 Some of the new paper dolls.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Steamboat Wrap Up

Sometimes when you are in the mountains you...

 ... are introduced to Spike Ball and come up with creative ways to play it.

.... are thrown in the pool by your dad, uncles, and grandpa.

... do gymnastics in the lobby while trying to escape a storm.

 ... race your grandpa through the hallway of your hotel.

... meet a nice man at the end of your hike who lets you sit on his horse.

 ... register your kids for a race before the parade and don't realize how long it is.

 .... watch your kids put on a surprise birthday show.

 ... stomp on bubble wrap to celebrate our country's birthday.

 ... get lots of candy in the parade.

 ... see a fire breathing dragon when you go a couple hours early to the parade to save your family spots.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Naomi at the rodeo

I got these fun pictures of my sassy Naomi at the rodeo...