Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Um...Some Video Footage of Malia

I have fairly distinct memories of being a teenager and being forced (social norms-type forcing not bodily forced) to watch family friends' home movies of their new-born niece. It bored me to tears - the kid, who I'm sure was cute in her own way, just sort of cooed and moved her limbs. And that was it. For minute after ever-lasting minute. Painful stuff.

Consequently, I made an internal pact to never create such footage and to never, ever force anybody to watch something like that.

But now...Malia. She provides almost constant entertainment for Chrissy and me (and others) doing, well, pretty normal stuff. You know, waving or crawling or just sitting in the grass (which she does with confidence these days). And, in spite of that decade-old pact, some of this totally unremarkable behavior has been recorded on video. I just couldn't help it.

But please know that you're not - by any means - forced to watch it. I wouldn't go that far.

Though the forehead "bumps" that she gives Pops at the end of the clip are pretty dang cute. And her exploration of the car seat...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The last few days

I have not gotten into a good rhythm of posting since we moved but I am going to work on it. Here are a few pictures of events in the last few days.

Malia still really enjoys bathtime with her daddy.

Even though we are less than a week away from the wedding, Aunt Alli takes time to play with Malia. Malia is definitely becoming a fan of hanging out with the grass especially now that she knows how to pull it (yes she also tries to eat it now too).

Malia and I have started a band.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One week of learning and changing

I feel like Malia has changed so much in the week we have been in Colorado. I think it is probably due to new surroundings and living with new people but she has been constantly exploring new things and picking up new tricks.

Since we got here she has learned to bump heads (sounds weird but is really cute), is beginning to clap and wave and has developed a veracious appetite for anything she can feed herself. Here are a few pictures of when she discovered cantaloupe and pots and pans.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Move Pictures

Well my camera cord is still buried somewhere but thankfully Emmie and Pops have a camera so we can show some pictures from our move and first week out west.

Malia got to meet Cade when we were in Kansas City. He and Malia were born the same day. It was fun to see them interact. Malia took his pacifier and he liked her shoe.

Malia is pretty happy for having just thrown up on herself in the car and it being the middle of the night.

Tommy and Andrew posing by the truck that they
spent two long days in.

Malia blowing raspberries, taking in the Colorado scenery.

Not a fan of grass.

Bundled up on the back porch.

A cold front came through Denver this weekend. This is Malia getting ready to head out to run some errands. We actually were able to ditch the hat and coat because the sun came out and warmed us up.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're Here

Well we made it. We have successfully moved all of our stuff across the country and are beginning our lives in Denver.

The trip went well. Andrew and Tommy spent 40 some hours in the moving truck and were still friends at the end. Malia and I had a nice time in KC minus the fact that she got a stomach bug and got sick (threw up on me at Alli's shower and on herself in the car on the drive to Denver - yuck!).

I haven't found the cord for our camera so I have no pictures to share but just wanted to post that we are here safely... hopefully I can resume posting pictures soon.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Here we come Royals... and then onto our new home team, the Rockies.

Malia has been playing with a baseball recently (her father might encourage it). Here are a few pictures of it.

I am writing just minutes before our computer gets packed up. Our house is a mess with stuff here and there - today is the day we pack up the moving truck and then tomorrow Andrew and Tommy start driving across the country while Malia and I fly to KC for Alli's shower. By late Sunday night we will all meet up again in Denver - craziness!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Papa's Highchair

Last night we had a goodbye dinner at Robert and Bobbie's. Now that Malia is eating solids, we needed a place for her to eat and they had a very special place - Malia's great-grandfather's high chair.

She loved the chair (and having the attention of 6 adults all to herself). The funniest part is that she propped her left leg up on the tray (see second picture) which she tries to do in her own highchair but cannot because the tray is too close.