Sunday, September 28, 2008

"New" Toys

For a few weeks, I have been looking for some "new" toys for Malia. We have been really fortunate not to have to buy her much yet (thanks to a lot of generous family and friends). I think we have only bought one toy since she was born - a stuffed animal - which is kind of weird because I am not a huge fan of stuffed animals - but it was a moment of weakness at IKEA before we left Orlando - shouldn't Malia have a huge stuffed alligator to remember that she was born in Florida?

But I digress. So this week, I hit the jackpot. On Craigslist I found a lady who lived in our neighborhood selling baby toys. That got me excited because what is the point of finding a good deal, if you have to waste a tank of gas driving around to pick it up? She didn't list the prices on her post, so I called and asked about the Leapfrog activity table. When we were in Ohio, we borrowed one from my aunt and Malia loved it. She told me that while everything worked on the table, it was a little dirty so she was only charging $5. The thing retails for $40 so I thought it must be pretty dirty but decided to go over and take a look.

The toy was not dirty at all and she had some other great toys at really reasonable prices. I ended up walking out of her house with 4 toys - of which currently sell in stores for a combined total of almost $100 - and I spent $15. So she gets 2 to play with now and I am putting the other 2 away for her birthday and Christmas.

Malia playing with her very own Leapfrog table.

Playing in the grass

The last 2 days Andrew and I have been over to our storage shed moving stuff out. We thought our need for storage would be short term but it is looking more long term right now. In order to cut costs , we decided to move everything into the garage and basement at Andrew's parents house. Andrew's parents have been very gracious to us already and this is definitely above and beyond - we are so appreciative.

So as we have been unloading back at the house, we have put Malia in the grass to play. She loves playing in the grass. And she is drawn to the leaves, rocks and dirt. Today I must admit that she actually consumed more leaves and dirt than normal because we were distracted by transporting stuff. Oh well, they say that dirt is good for kids right? Helps build a healthy immune system? Well at least that is what we are going with tonight.

Yes she did try to put that leaf in her mouth.

Now that she is crawling more, it is hard to keep her in one place.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Disappointing Day

This is a break from my normal posts showing pictures of Malia. I can't quite bear to contact everyone who I should to tell them the news that we got today regarding our house so I am hoping this will catch some of you. We were set to close on the sale of our home in Orlando on the 30th and got word today that our buyers financing didn't go through. This was tough to swallow just 4 days before what we thought was the end of a long (and not very fun) process.

So now we have to start back at square one. A month of time lost thinking these people could buy. A worse financial market. The hope of looking for a place of our own in Denver gone.

To say we are disappointed is an understatement.

We need prayer. For a new buyer and for peace in our own hearts as we continue to live in this limbo.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We got home last night from a 10 day trip to Ohio to visit my parents. We got to see lots of family and a few good friends while we were there too. I was terrible at taking pictures but here are a few from the trip.

We visited the Lile's and unfortunately failed to take any pictures of the kids together before they lost electricity again. The following are my attempts to take pictures in the dark - not great photos but great memories.

Sweet Levi who is just 6 weeks old. We were in the process of changing Malia into her pjs when she took off and crawled towards his car seat.

Maeva and Malia - almost exactly a year apart.

A rare family photos - we have actually had 2 this month which I think is a record. Malia's face cracks me up.

Malia with her Grandma and Grandpa.

Are there rules against babies in the overhead bins of an airplane?

Malia was supposed to be a lap child but the lady in our row moved to an open seat (I think the only open seat on the plane) so we could have more room. It was great because as you can see she cashed out and slept most of the flight.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lights Out

Two afternoons ago, the leftover winds from Hurricane Ike came through Ohio. Millions of people in Ohio lost power including my parents (where we are staying this week). They have a gas stove so we were still able to eat dinner that night and when it got dark we starting lighting candles.

After Malia went to bed we decided to play cards. We played a little euchre and then decided to play UNO. This turned into a comical experience when we realized that in the dark the blue and green cards look the same (my dad used his Wild and changed the color to green and when it came back to his turn he realized he had no green, just blues that looked green in the dark). We ended up having to hold our cards close to the flame in order to distinguish between the two colors. This extra effort resulted in us switching to playing dominoes after one hand of UNO. I took a picture to document our experience.

Note: We were without power for over about 36 hours. Lots of people in the area still do not have power and they are saying they could be without until Sunday so we were lucky.


When we arrived in Ohio last week, my mom presented us with 2 fantastic sweaters that she had knitted for Malia. Here is a picture of her wearing one of them.

And here she is playing with some leftover yarn. It probably won't be long until she is knitting herself!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Malia has discovered twanging doorstops (with a little help from some big people). She is quite entertained by this. Just another thing that makes me ask "Why do we bother buying toys?"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

This week...

...Malia had to say goodbye to her great-grandparents who stayed a couple days past the wedding to hang out...

... but not before Grandpa read her a few books...

...Malia started playing/eating the leftover rocks from Alli's wedding...

...and she continues to enjoy her biter biscuits during dinner. Two days ago we caught a glimpse of her first tooth coming through!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Family Car Wash

The windows of our car were so dirty that we could hardly see out of them. So tonight after dinner we moved Malia's exersaucer outside and washed the cars. Malia loved being in the cool air and getting to watch all of the cars, people, etc.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Alli's Wedding

Sad to say but neither I nor Andrew's mom took any pictures on our cameras of Alli in her gown or of the bridesmaids or of Chris or of the groomsmen or of Malia. I guess we were too caught up in the moment.

Here is a picture of Alli and all of her close girlfriends after the rehearsal dinner.

Malia getting fed by her Great-Grandma Cargo - not sure if this was taken before or after Malia sneezed peas all over Great-Grandma.

Malia with her Great-Grandma Wolgemuth who celebrated her 92nd birthday over the weekend.

I did the flowers for the wedding. I don't have any pictures of the bouquets but her is one of the centerpieces...

...and here is the other centerpiece...

...and here is the arrangement that I had at the front of the church that got moved over to the reception.

Late August Happenings

Malia is starting to crawl a little more. Not moving all around yet but will scoot towards her toys if they are a few feet away.

Malia likes to self feed. We recently started giving her the biter biscuits which of course make a mess but keep her entertained while the rest of us eat dinner.

Her latest pose - we call it the tripod.