Saturday, June 27, 2009

Water Table

I took these pictures last week of Malia playing on our back patio with her water table. She loves to take dirt and mix it into the water and also to dump water all over herself.

You may notice our half dead yard in the background - we actually like to think of it as being half alive because when we bought the house it was all dead - someday it will all be green!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We are having some difficulty getting Malia to pose with her dad today. But we have had a great day and here are a few pictures of her playing.

Andrew told her to smile, and she did a goofy smile which then produced a real smile - crazy that she knows she is being funny.

My latest garage sale steal - $1 for a classic - the sit and spin. We put it in the basement for future enjoyment but she discovered it down there today. (Her expression is what we call her "strongman" face).

I think it will be awhile before she can spin herself but she really enjoys being spun and pressing the buttons on top that play very sweet music.

20 Weeks

Here is the first pregancy picture we have taken of me this round. I am now 20 weeks - half way!!

You can't really tell but the backdrop for this picture is our newly painted hallway (its a light blue/gray). Andrew and his dad rolled it yesterday - along with the stairway and our loft! So fun to have that done - 2 more bedrooms and 2 more bathrooms upstairs to paint and we will have painted the entire house.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ranching Day

Last fall, Andrew and I bought a package at a silent auction to be ranchers for a day figuring it would be the perfect birthday present for his brother Erik who is a cowboy at heart. We had to wait for winter to pass, for the cattle to return and to find an open weekend on 4 couples' schedules (3 couples to go, 1 set of grandparents to watch Malia), but we finally headed up to the mountains this past weekend.

Friday night we drove 2 1/2 hours southwest into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and stayed with a couple who generously opened up their cabin to us. Then Saturday morning we were off to the ranch not fully knowing what to expect in our day.

The work crew consisted of Andrew, Erik, Alli and Chris. Kendal and I were the pregnant spectators. When we arrived we were told by Elin, our ranching host, that she had a heifer who was about to give birth. This was a complicated situation because at her ranch she buys yearlings in the spring and then has them all spade or neutered. In this process of doing this to the 600 cattle she acquired this year, 2 of the heifers were found to be pregnant. The problem here is that these heifers are too young and therefore too small to have their calves without assistance. So when we arrived, Elin was trying to decide if this heifer needed to be sent to the vet for a cesarean or if it could be delivered on the ranch with some muscles.

And so our adventure began...

This is Elin, checking the position of the calf. Don't know if you can tell but that is her arm in past her elbow - yikes! After this examination she determined that it was possible to pull the calf out.

The mama. Notice the calf's hooves sticking out of her.

After tying a belt of sorts around the calf's feet, Elin asked for some help from our crew to help pull the calf out. Being that it was Erik's birthday gift, we gave him the first shot (red and black shirt).

After a lot of pulling and not much progress, they got the heifer to lay down which enabled them to position her in a way that would make it easier to get the calf out. Another volunteer from our crew was needed, so Chris jumped in the pen to secure the cows head with his knee (so she couldn't get up) and one of her legs with his arms.

Next in was Andrew (blue hat) who joined Erik on the pulling crew.

Finally some progress. Out came the calf's tongue and mouth.

More progress.

More pulling - the calf's hips were hard to get out because they were too big to easily fit through the mom's hips.

After this, Alli, who was taking pictures with our camera while I videotaped, was called in to help hold the heifer's tail back.

So in the end it took 7 adults and around 25 minutes of physical effort to birth this calf...

Here he just about 20 minutes after he was born. Elin estimated that he weighed around 70 pounds.

Before the crew headed out to tend to the rest of the cattle, the calf was reunited with his mom.

And then they were off. They spent the next four hours herding 300 cattle and moving them from one pasture to another. Not bad for four city slickers.

It was a great day full of memories we will never forget.

Its a....


On Friday we had our ultrasound and discovered we are having another girl. We are excited and so grateful as everything looked healthy and normal.

It is so fun to refer to her as she and her instead of it. No names yet, and when we do decide we are going to keep it a secret until the birth. For now we are sticking with the nickname we have had from the beginning and referring to her as Scout.

I know all ultrasound pictures kind of look the same but here are 2 of ours.

Sweet profile. I think she looks like me (jk).

This one cracks me up. It is her knee touching her nose. What a little gymnast.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reunion with Baby

Late last week we lost Malia's beloved baby doll. At first I was not worried figuring Malia had just stashed her somewhere random but after about 4 days of no baby, I was beginning to think we had really lost her.

Then 2 nights ago after I put Malia to bed, I decided to scan our loft again for any sign of Baby and there she was sitting in the exersaucer (which Malia still occasionally asks to go in even though she is almost 18 months!)

So yesterday Malia was reunited to Baby and it was so cute. At breakfast Baby sat on the tray of Malia's high chair and Malia gave her water and bites of her toast. Then the rest of the day Malia gave Baby rides, kisses and diaper changes. And tonight as we put her to bed, I was relieved to see Baby back in her arms.

Malia giving Baby a ride in the Tonka truck that was mine growing up.

And more rides for Baby in her "new" bus from the garage sale.

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Storm

Sunday afternoon, just about 20 minutes after Malia went down for her nap, it started raining. I was upstairs taping our hallway (so we can paint!) and had to go to a window to look outside because it was so loud. Sure enough the rain had quickly turned to hail. For the next 15 minutes or so, it hailed. I have never seen anything like it before.

From our front door, looking out.

Our backyard probably 10 minutes into the hail. Good thing we don't have a lot of grass so you can see it well - yes all of that white is hail!

It wasn't until after the storm ended that we heard that a tornado had touching down just a couple miles from our house during this storm. After talking to Andrew's parents and brother, who both saw the tornado and live directly south and northwest of us, we could not believe that we hadn't see it. But we were also very grateful that the tornado's path wasn't any further west otherwise our neighborhood would have been hit.

Here is a picture that Andrew's dad took from their front porch. Crazy huh?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Super Saturday

Yesterday was a very full day. We spent the morning garage sale shopping in a nearby neighborhood and found so many great deals. My favorite might be that between Andrew's mom and I we spent $9.50 on toys for Malia and got a mini tricycle for this summer, another tricycle for her to grow into, the Little People Bus, the classic popper push toy, and a new book for the Leap Pad - not bad considering the tricycle alone new would have been $50!

We took a break from our deal shopping to head over to a local conservation center where I had seen you could feed their cows. I wasn't sure what to expect but were really impressed with the place.

Malia got to meet a turkey...

... and explore some prairie dog holes ...

... but was a little scared of the cows when it was time to feed them (she turned her head away and clung to me as Andrew fed them).

After they were done feeding and they weren't so close, Malia did look at the cows again.

After some lunch and a brief nap, we headed downtown Denver for the People's Festival. It was fun to walk around and eat overpriced food that you only get once or twice a year (yeah funnel cakes!).
Enjoying her Capri Sun. Once she started sipping, that straw did not leave her mouth until it was empty.
Love that smile!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Malia has never been an excessive laugher, but last night she treated us to some great giggles.

Tonight as we were uploading the video, we played it on the computer and she laughed at herself laughing. Funny kid!