Friday, August 28, 2009

Copper Mountain, Part 3

The final installment of our weekend in the mountains.

Malia trying on some sunglasses.

We found a great creek nearby to go explore. Malia is pretty fearless when it comes to walking around in the ice cold water.

Funny face.

While she was fearless in the water, she didn't like walking around with wet pants so she went pantless while we skipped rocks in a nearby lake.

Winding up for another throw.

Just another day in the mountains.

They were giving free chair lift rides up the mountain at Copper. It was a beautiful ride but both Andrew and I had huge knots in our stomachs the whole way up and down. Andrew declared that Malia was going to have to be a teenager before she was going to be allowed to ride up the lift by herself!

Side note: Malia did get a new pair of dry pants on before we went on this adventure!

The ride down. Just to show it was not a small or short lift.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Copper Mountain, Part 2

On Friday everyone was off of work! The non-pregnant, non-toddlers four in our group biked from Copper to Vail (22 miles) and the pregnant and the toddler drove to meet them.

Belly picture. 35 weeks and 29 weeks.

There was a great water area in Vail that Malia thoroughly enjoyed.

Not afraid to touch the fountain.

She was completely soaked by the time we left. And she was not happy when we told her we had to leave the "pool".

After her nap, we were back in the water though. This time in bumper boats. Malia was more interested in her trail mix than the ride.

Malia rode with Andrew.

We had the lake to ourselves. This is everyone lining up to race across.

Collision. Isn't the setting beautiful?

Couples picture (taken late at night).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Copper Mountain, Part 1

Just sorting through the 261 pictures that we took while we were up at Copper Mountain for 4 days! I definitely will post a few times on this subject. Let's start with Thursday.

On Thursday, Andrew and Erik worked from the condo and the rest of us got to play. We had a low key morning and then headed to a beautiful area to feed chipmunks.

The view from our "hike" (really we walked about 300 feet from our car).

Emmie and Malia trying to entice some chipmunks to the ledge with sunflower seeds.

Feeding the chipmunks with Pops.

Pops, Malia, Kendal and I.

The pregnant ladies. We are 6 weeks apart - can you tell who is farther along?

After a nap and dinner we headed out and walked around Copper. We found a great little hill that Malia enjoyed running up and down.

It was hard work for her to walk back up the hill.

It was wonderfully cool while we were there. We had to bust out the jacket that Uncle Chris picked out for Malia last Christmas - so cute!

Stopping to explore some flowers.

We walked over to a place that allows skiiers and snowboarders to practice their moves. Malia loved watching and as soon as someone came down she would sign more. (Notice the snowboarder in midair doing a trick to the left).

On the walk back to our condo, Malia really wanted to ride on Emmie's shoulders. In the process, Emmie got a new hairdo.

Part 2 coming soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am getting worse and worse at taking pictures. I think it is because my target is constantly moving. I mentioned that she loves to say "cheese" when the camera is pointed at her which is hysterical but she also knows she can see the picture on the back on the camera so she is more interested in being on the back side of the camera than the front.

Anyway here are some random shots.

I continue to be addicted to garage sales. Malia loves chairs and I found this frog chair for her 2 weekends ago.

We went up to some fountains nearby recently and Malia was more interested in exploring than getting wet.

Andrew taught her how to walk on "balance beams" and she finds them lots of places we go. Some are higher than others. I like the low ones like this one!

We are heading up to Copper Mountain tonight to spend a long weekend with Andrew's family. Looking forward to it - pictures to come Sunday or Monday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

20 Months

Today Malia is 20 months old. She is becoming more verbal each day (especially when we can wrestle her pacifier out of her mouth). Her favorite words this week are "pops" and "pool".

She has also started to say "cheese" whenever a camera is pointed at her. It is so cute and it gets her to smile which is even better. If only I had a nice, fast camera to catch those smiles. After three attempts, I did get this one earlier today.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Pool

I took these a few weeks ago but never posted them. Our neighborhood has a great pool - we love having access to one nearby and not having to take care of it ourselves! Malia is definitely getting more and more comfortable in the big pool and loves to walk around in the baby pool.

And just for some perspective, here she was a year ago in our pool in Florida. Wow, a lot has changed in a year.