Sunday, February 28, 2010


We busted out the exersaucer last week for Davey. She doesn't last super long but it is helping her build her neck strength which is good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Bjorn

Davey and I have both become obsessed with the Baby Bjorn. As of this week, Davey doesn't even really liked to be rocked to sleep anymore, she likes to be Bjorned to sleep.

Malia decided she wanted to test it out with her baby Davey.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving on up?

Davey doesn't leak out of her diaper much - that is until recently. During the first 3 months of her life she had one big poop-out and a handful of small ones. In the last 2 weeks she has had several big poop-outs.

I think the problem might be that it is time to move up diaper sizes but here is the dilemna I now face - I have a big package of her current (too small) size opened - is it worth it to risk more blow outs so that I can use the diapers I have already paid for or do I count my losses in diapers and hope to not have to scrub out more clothes?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 Months, 1 week

I had big intentions last week of doing a photo shoot with Davey because she turned 3 months - then the colds came.

I took some photos but the camera focused on the background more than Davey so they are a bit fuzzy (gotta learn more about this camera better!) Fuzzy but still cute so I am posting them anyway.

Funny thing about her being 3 months - last night Andrew and I busted out Malia's baby book to look at something and I glanced at a section where you were supposed to write daily activities at each month. As I read the description for Malia at 3 months, I had to laugh because they are on the same exact schedule - up at 7 am, feeds every 3 hours until 10 pm and then down for the night. They also both like to chew on their hands!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Projects 1 and 2

A week ago Saturday, I got inspired to start work on 3 different projects around our house. I quickly became a bit overwhelmed by having all 3 going at once and had to channel my energy into one at a time.

Two of the projects are now done and I am taking a short break before moving forward on the third.

A big thanks to my hubby, Andrew, who really did about half of the work in these projects.

Project 1

A coat rack for the wall right beside our garage door. (A piece of wood, covered with fabric with coat hooks attached).

In use.

Project 2

A bulletin board to display photos, etc. (A piece of wood, covered in fabric, with ribbon)

In use.

And yes our last project will feature 5 pieces of wood, covered in fabric - what can I say, I like wood and fabric!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

So much to love on today...

Our dinner tonight - homemade pizza - yummy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Package

Yesterday we received a Valentine's package from my parents. Malia dove right into it and quickly opened she and Davey's gifts.

It was a big hit - thanks mom and dad!

And while Davey wasn't as interactive with the package - she is still darn cute!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Girl Bed

I have 3 big goals for Malia for this year.

1. Get her to sleep in her big girl bed instead of her crib (so that we could put Davey in the crib - Davey has been sleeping in a pack and play in Malia's big girl room).

2. Get rid of the pacifier.

3. Potty train.

I am happy to say that we have accomplished goal #1. Sure it is probably the easiest of the 3 but up until a week ago, Malia would start hysterically crying if we mentioned her sleeping in her big girl bed because she loved her crib, so it feels like a big accomplishment.

Last Friday night, we played in her room, took down the pack and play and bribed her with an Elmo stuffed animal who only hangs out in her big girl bed. Amazingly, it worked. She slept there Friday night and has not turned back.

In fact, Malia has become borderline obsessed with her big girl bed. Not only does she sleep about 11 hours a night in it, but she also hangs out/sleeps there for about 3 hours in the afternoon and then wants to play in there at other parts of the day.

I think part of the reason she loves her bed so much is because we have limited her pacifier use to when she is in bed - of course we thought that would just mean nap and bed times but she has found the loophole - if she plays in her bed, she can have her pacifier - for now!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone

We have been dealing with 2 problems in our house recently (not that we don't have more):

1. My wrist has really been bothering me - I think I strain it when I hold Davey in her 2 favorite positions.

2. Davey's head is pretty flat and a bit lopsided in the back these days. I didn't realize it until a few weeks ago and have been paranoid ever since. I know it got that way because she is so content and so she spends lots of time on her back - for a stretch of her life, she actually preferred to be on her back than to be held. Anyway I feel horrible - poor second child!

I busted out the Baby Bjorn a little over a week ago and Davey has been enjoying rides in it, at least a few times a day now. It is great because I get to hold her and take the pressure off her head and my wrist. I didn't use it much with Malia but I am glad I didn't get rid of it because it has proved very useful.

In fact I just strapped her in to finish this post.

I was tempted to crop my sleep deprived (we are going through a long bout of colds here), non-showered self out but I didn't because it makes me laugh when people say that Davey looks like me - I don't see much resemblence! Also please notice the plastic french fries in Davey's hands! Thanks Malia.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Animal Masks

I spent $4 for 4 masks...

... and all I have to say is that was $4 well spent! This is Malia with our neighbor Sadie, who I just started watching again a few weeks ago. I love that I couldn't get them to look at the camera because their eyes were glued on each other.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh Sunny Days

The wonderful thing about Denver is that you get sunshine a majority of days here - even in the winter!

We have had some great sunny days that make the 40 degree temperature feel much warmer. We try to get outside on those days even if just for a few minutes to get some fresh air.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kitchen Helper?

Andrew is really good at having Malia help him in the kitchen. She loves to "mix it all up". He usually lets her taste the ingredients that are going into whatever he is making.

I was making bread and muffins on Sunday and decided to have Malia help me since Andrew was holding Davey. I decided to be a fun mom and do what Andrew does, let her try the ingredients. She really likes flour - in fact she would eat it by the spoonful if we let her

I have to admit, letting her explore and play in this messy fashion isn't easy for me. But once I let go and reminded myself that flour is both cheap and easy to wipe up, having her help did make cooking more fun!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle E!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Erik's birthday - which is actually today - Happy Birthday Erik!
The birthday boy balancing his little boy on his hand - very impressive!

Graham was very into Davey...

... Davey isn't so sure about Graham touching her.

Graham is a ball of energy who is apparently energized by people... made for a very entertaining night!

Davey sported a headband for the first time to the party - so cute!