Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 Months, 1 week

I had big intentions last week of doing a photo shoot with Davey because she turned 3 months - then the colds came.

I took some photos but the camera focused on the background more than Davey so they are a bit fuzzy (gotta learn more about this camera better!) Fuzzy but still cute so I am posting them anyway.

Funny thing about her being 3 months - last night Andrew and I busted out Malia's baby book to look at something and I glanced at a section where you were supposed to write daily activities at each month. As I read the description for Malia at 3 months, I had to laugh because they are on the same exact schedule - up at 7 am, feeds every 3 hours until 10 pm and then down for the night. They also both like to chew on their hands!

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amywb said...

wow - she is gorgeous!