Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rice Cereal and Sweet Potatoes

I was too tired to post these last night. Andrew is out of town, his first trip since Davey was born, and I was wiped after a day of handling the girls all by myself. They were actually great yesterday but I missed having my helper around. Thankfully he will be home soon!

As I mentioned, we started Davey on rice cereal last Friday. She did pretty well - she kind of sucks the food down which is pretty funny (and noisy). She really likes to put her hands in her mouth in between spoonfuls which creates quite a mess. She also likes to grab the spoon - after complaining to Andrew that rice cereal was being splattered all over the kitchen he said "Don't let her get the spoon." Easier said than done, I have to pull the spoon out of her grasp with practically every bite, but it is cleaner that way.

On Tuesday, I gave her sweet potatoes - she really liked those. These pictures are from her second feeding of sweet potatoes - I took off her shirt because I was reminded with the first feed that sweet potatoes make a big colorful mess and I was trying to save myself some laundry!

I forgot what a process this is! I am trying to enjoy it, laugh at all of her funny faces and not get too frustrated with the big mess that is made with each meal.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Sitting

Davey is getting better and better at sitting on her own. I don't think most kids learn to sit up and roll over in the same week, but we will take it!

And as if that wasn't enough to accomplish in a week, we also decided to start her on solids Friday night ... those photos tomorrow.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

In case you are curious, we are not attempting to make Malia bilingual (although if we had those skills that would be sweet)... we found that book while going through Andrew's childhood toy box and Malia just happens to like it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Malia's Naps

Most of the time, when we put her down for naptime Malia talks and plays in bed for a long time before she falls asleep (some days she doesn't fall asleep at all but will stay content up there for a few hours just playing in her bed!)

How does she stay so content? Well her bed if filled with all sorts of treasures - stuffed animals, toys, books, etc. - that she accumulates at each nap and bedtime until we change her sheets and weed through it all.

One day last week, this is the scene we found when we went to wake her up from her nap.

Yes all of that stuff on the floor was in her bed. And for whatever reason that day she decided to throw it all out before she fell asleep.

Also note the blinds above her head. During naptime a few weeks ago she managed to break off pieces of her blinds - guess we need to invest in those fake wood ones for her room!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Davey rolls! Monday night while I was making dinner, Davey was playing happily on the floor in our family room. When I peaked over to see how she was doing, she was on her tummy.

That night she performed the trick two more times, once for Andrew and once for me. Yesterday she did it a dozen or so times and today whenever you put her down on her back, she rolls to her tummy... and gets frustrated.

She also discovered her feet last night and had a good time chomping on them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Big Sitter

Davey is slowly learning to sit on her own. The other night I propped her up with the boppy to help her sit and to protect her if she fell over. She spent a lot of time sitting playing with toys - it was great.

She is really into biting her bottom lip right now.

And she fell over...

... shocking to me, she was able to push herself back up.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hanging out

Things are pretty normal and routine around here these days - I kind of like it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Raspberries

Malia decided to give Davey some raspberries before bath time.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


A week late but here are some pictures from Easter.

I didn't take any pictures all week long (gasp). This is probably because I was focused on shooting some much needed video of the girls. I will try and upload some now for your enjoyment.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Chicago, Part 3 - The Belgianos

The third part of our trip, wasn't actually in Chicago - we drove up to Madison, WI to spend time with the Belgiano crew. We love this family and are praying them to Denver someday!

The exersaucer, that was supposed to be for Davey, was a hit with all of the kids - even Trey who is 7 got in!

Malia loved playing outside while we were there.

Teague, Taatjes and Malia

Chicago, Part 2 - The Heth's

After time with Andrew's family, we got to spend some time with our friends the Heth's. This was the 3rd time that Hannah and I had seen each other in the last 2 months (so unusual and special), but this was the first time that Malia and Cooper were together since they were babes.

Justin and Hannah watched Malia for a few hours while we went to a wedding. When we got home, it was late but the kids were still going strong. This is them jumping on a mattress well past their bedtimes.

Malia and Cooper are just 5 days apart and they were so fun to watch interact.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Chicago, Part 1

We flew to Chicago last Wednesday for Andrew's grandma's funeral. The flight out was very unique (and fun) as it contained everyone in our immediate family - all 11 of us!

Malia sat in a row with her Emmie and Pops most of the flight - gotta love babysitting on the plane! But at the end of the flight she ended up in our row, in Davey's car seat!

Malia and Davey were loved on by so many people while we were there. They are among the youngest of the 27 great-grandkids and many of the older great-grandkids were so sweet to them - especially Malia who everyone seemed to love to pick up!

With Harper, Abby and Maddie

With Harper

Davey with Norah and Kristin

I didn't take many pictures when we were with family. What can I say, when there are 70 family members to interact with, diapers to change and a baby to nurse, etc. it is hard to remember to take pictures. I know that other people took pictures so I am hoping some will be sent my way.

Time together was great though and the funeral was a great celebration of Gaye's life.