Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being Sick = Not Fun; Backyard Pool = Fun

This past weekend we experienced a 24 hour bug of sorts - Davey, Malia and I got it. Thankfully Andrew didn't so he was able to take care of us. It was not fun - in fact, it was pretty horrible. I feel like we are still re-cooperating from it even though no one has thrown up in two days.

So needless to say I don't have any pictures from the last few days but here are a couple of Malia in her backyard pool from last week. It is a welcomed change to going to the neighborhood pool (which I love) because it freaks me out to take both girls by myself at their current ages (so much so that I haven't even attempted it).

I let Malia play in her backyard pool last week during Davey's afternoon nap - very relaxing and fun for both of us!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wanting to crawl

It seems like anytime we put Davey on the floor these days, she goes into the crawling position within seconds. It is almost as if she cannot help herself.

But then she is stuck in that position because she does not know how to crawl. Usually it ends with her arms giving out, perhaps a face plant and definitely frustration.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last December, my sister and brother-in-law, Beth and Keith, came out to visit. Somehow gardening came up and Keith got Andrew really excited about starting a garden in our yard. They even went to Lowe's and picked out some seeds to start (it was December remember) and Keith has been giving Andrew tips along the way.

Last night, almost 8 months later, we harvested our first veggie - some peas! They were delicious!

Things are looking pretty good out there. We hope to taste fresh tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, spinach and onions in addition to more peas in the next couple of months. Thanks for inspiring us Keith!

Its nice to have some green in the midst of lots of rocks!


The peas

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exploring the Grand Teton National Park

Ok this is my last Wyoming post. I took over 300 pictures (and none since we have been home) so I really did narrow it down for the blog!

We explored a few sections of the Grand Teton National Park while we were there. Alli and Chris found this great hike on land that used to be the Rockefellers private ranch - it was beautiful.

Chris practiced his daddy skills and carried Davey for us!

Despite water that "hurt my (Andrew's) feet to walk in", Malia and Andrew waded in the lake when we stopped for lunch. She was pretty unfazed by the temperature of the water.

I had to include both of these family photos because Malia's faces were so cute.

Pops, Emmie and the grandkids

Our whole crew.

Another day we explored a little area around Jennie Lake in the park. The best part might have been watching Graham "chase" after Malia. They both loved it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our local moose

We discovered that there were a few moose that wandered the neighborhood that we were staying in. This was our first up close sighting just a few streets over from our condo (discovered by Andrew and Chris on a walk).

We learned that moose shed their antlers each spring and then grow a new set. We saw one moose with little nubs growing but I guess you have to wait until winter to see a moose with a full set of antlers.

The second sighting was in our backyard! The moose walked right past our back patio.

That is Andrew's dad in the red shirt - it gives you some perspective to how big the moose was.

Don't worry, Malia was safe inside the condo watching in case the moose charged!

More Jackson Hole Adventures

We went up to the visitors center one morning to get some biking maps. Here Malia got to touch a real antler...
... and look through her first view finder.

One afternoon, Andrew, his mom and I went on a bike ride and towed Malia along in the Burley. We rode for over an hour and she did great back there (she didn't like to lead though, she liked to see us riding in front or beside her).

We had some great down time at the condo too. Here is Davey and Andrew's dad with one of his patented moves that gets babies to smile.

And there was a lot of reading going on too. Here is Malia and Uncle E reading.

Andrew's Catch

We've been home for days now and I still have so many pictures that I want to post from our trip. Our guide, Beau, just sent us pictures of Andrew's catch. A bit more impressive than my stuffed fish!
More to come.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puddle Jumping

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After our time in Casper, we trekked up to Jackson Hole where we will spent the remainder of our week.

On our drive through town to our condo, we spotted a moose. We went back after dropping off all of our stuff but he was no where to be found. We did find some puddles for Malia to jump in though. I took a lot of pictures - it was hard to stop snapping because she was having so much fun and because the scenery was so stunning. Here are a some of them.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More Casper Fun

The second day, the 4 men went back out fishing while us ladies stayed back with the kiddos and have a very relaxing day in a beautiful setting.

In the morning, we sat on the back porch, read, talked and watched this herd of cattle make their way down to the river.

The view from our porch, downstream.

We ventured out on a brief walk to the edge of the property to look at some horses.

Malia explored some rocks along the way.

Graham and Davey were both delighted by the horse.

Malia and Emmie fed the horse some grass.

The girls and the kids - who wouldn't want to stay here? Isn't it beautiful?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fly Fishing

Thanks to some very generous friends, Andrew's entire family - 8 adults and the 3 little ones - headed up to Casper, Wyoming last Friday to embark on a fly fishing adventure.

On Saturday, all 8 adults were able to go out on the Platte River (we left the kids behind). Here we are before we started.

Erik and Kendal - Kendal caught the most fish on the first day

Chris, Alli and Asante (baby's nickname) - Alli had the first catch of the day

Mom and Dad with their guide.

Andrew fishing - neither he or I caught anything the first day but was able to get a few the second day (picture hopefully to come from our guide).

Everyone else has pictures of themselves holding the fish that they caught. Since I caught none, I had to settle for holding this stuffed fish back at our house.