Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Des/Smiles

Me: "Want to go see Baby Des?"
Malia: "No we call him Baby Smiles."

Not exactly sure how this transpired to be. Not denying that we are encouraging it either.

Last night we went down to see Des/Smiles. He was as peaceful and sweet as can be. I was standing up, holding him when we first got there and Malia started tugging at my leg - she was eager for me to bring him down to her level so she could look at him and give him kisses - it was so sweet.

While we were visiting, Davey put on a little show which included lots of smiling, clapping and her first steps! It was such a precious thing to see and fun to share with Alli and Chris - she was so delighted with herself after taking them.

Here are some pictures of the girls with their new cousin.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Davey Faces

It looks like she is working on perfecting Magnum - or is it Blue Steel?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Over the weekend, we painted our bathroom - it was one of only two rooms that the previous owners had painted (which we are so thankful about because they were horrible painters). They had chosen a bright orange and I think because they were so bad at cutting in, they just painted the ceiling orange too.
I am not against orange, just bad paint jobs.

We used some leftover khaki from our family room which was nice because I did not really want to spend money on a room that no one ever sees. Lucky for us too, there are traces of orange on the mirror, along windows, and trim so it will be awhile before we forget it.

Zucchini is still dominating our menu. This is why:

The big one she is holding was 2 lbs, 14 ounces.

Zucchini pancakes with scrambled eggs (with garden fresh tomatoes) - yum!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

White Fence Farm

Last Sunday, we went to White Fence Farm which features a restaurant, petting zoo, playground and farm kind of feel.

Malia got up close with some baby ducks (they are at the base of that statue).

Davey was a big fan of the goat.

Malia feeding the goat. There was a baby cow there too and Graham learned how to say "moo" which was really cute.

Malia saying "Can I see the picture?" before it is even taken.

Swinging. These two are so fun together.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More than just a t-shirt

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew's mom had Malia over for a sleepover. On their way back to our house the next morning, they stopped at a store to pick out an outfit for Alli and Chris's coming baby (more on that in a bit). At the store Andrew's mom let Malia pick out a shirt to buy. When she came home and showed it to Andrew and I, we both got a little emotional as she explained that she picked it out because she like the sparkly raindrops. Seems a little silly to admit but it was a reminder that our little girl is growing up, forming opinions of her own and making choices of her own.
Here she is wearing her shirt.

And today, we had another reminder that our girls are growing up. Alli and Chris had their baby - a beautiful boy named Desmond Matthew. Corresponding with Alli and Chris during their marathon labor brought back so many memories and seeing Desmond at the hospital all bundled, soft and sweet, just melted my heart and makes me wonder where the time has gone since our girls were new to the world like that?

While these days with little ones can be exhausting with what seems like little time for me, today was such a great reminder of how fast it goes and how special it is. So eat up every moment, Alli and Chris.

It seems that with every outing we have these days, I forget something. Today, unfortunately it was my camera so I have no pictures of sweet Desmond and his proud parents to share. I'll work on that though...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Attempt at a picture of my girls together...

Even though a picture with both of them looking and smiling would be great, these make me smile too!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Natalee's Birthday Party

Today we went to our friend Natalee's 5th birthday party. It was held at Heritage Square Amusement Park, which is a place full of rides perfect for little kiddos like Malia.

Malia was very funny to watch on rides because she hardly ever cracked a smile and usually just had a blank expression on her face. We took the fact that she was always ready and willing to go on the next ride, and the meltdown she had when we told her it was time to go, as signs that she had a good time.
Our first ride. Only two adults were allowed on at a time - one before the middle "coal car" and one after to distribute weight. I was surprised at how fast this thing felt!

Andrew felt a little dizzy after this one!

I have never felt so oversized! The funny thing was watching Natalee's dad, Brent, who is Andrew's size fit in the banana plane in front of me with his 2 year old daughter, Rachel - it was tight fit.

Malia said these swings were her favorite and she rode them twice.

Bumper boats with daddy (middle red tube).

On top of the ferris wheel. It was very nerve wrecking for Andrew and I - Malia was completely unphased by the height!

Final ride on the banana planes with the birthday girl. I was happy to not have to try and squeeze in that little plane again!

A special thanks to Erik and Kendal who watched Davey while we went. It was the first time since Davey was born that Andrew and I had time with just Malia - we had a lot of fun with her.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our garden is producing a steady amount of zucchini - every other day there seems to be another one that is ready to be picked - including the last one that I picked that weighed over 2 lbs. That means we have been eating a lot of zucchini!

We have discovered some great zucchini recipes but are looking for more because it looks like we have a lot more zucchini to consume in our near future. So please if you have something good, let me know.

Here is some of what we have tried.

This is a Zucchini and Pesto Tart - yummy!

A Spaghetti Frittata - recipe thanks to Amy Bordoni - I added tomatoes to ours because we had a few ready from the garden...

... and tonight I made it again without spaghetti but added an extra egg and cheese. Here it is half eaten.

I have also made 4 loaves of zucchini bread (no picture because all 4 loaves fell apart coming out of the pan - still very edible but not really picture-worthy) and some zucchini pancakes.

Any ideas?

Update on Malia and her pacifier - she is going strong. She hasn't mentioned it and has only put Davey's in her mouth one time which I actually think is pretty impressive. Today she is took her first nap in a week!

Monday, August 09, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

At Malia's 2 year appointment back in January, the doctor asked if she used a pacifier. "Yes," I said. "I can tell...her teeth are shifting," was her reply.

Yikes. Immediately after that appointment the pacifier was limited to bed only. That is still a lot of hours in the day but it was a start.

Fast forward almost 7 months - last month Andrew started the process of giving it up - every night he would talk it up - Malia knew that if she slept without her pacifier, she was gonna get a big treat.

But the promise of a big treat wasn't really motivating her. I thought that maybe if she had the treat she might be more willing to try to sleep without the pacifier. Since she is really into Toy Story right now, we decided to let her trade her pacifier for one of those characters. To our surprise she picked Buzz Lightyear. So we went to the store last Tuesday night, picked out Buzz, came home and put her in bed with Buzz instead of her pacifier. She didn't mention her pacifier but she did look a little uneasy as we said goodnight.

That night she definitely had a hard time falling asleep but she did it. We were so thrilled the next day - we couldn't believe how easy it had been.

Her first nap without it was a different story though. A few minutes after she went down she started screaming and I mean screaming "I want my pacifier". For 45 minutes she was hysterical - Andrew and I both went up to check on her and she was inconsolable - the absence of her pacifier seemed to have a physical affect on her - it was like she was an addict in withdrawal. It was horrible but I decided that we had to stand our ground because it wasn't going to get any easier. After 45 minutes, she cried herself to sleep.

Thankfully that was it. Since then she has not asked for it. She has gone to sleep each night without a peep. She has not taken a nap since she gave it up, but she will play in her bed for an hour or two so I am not complaining!

Next big task: Potty training!

Malia and Buzz

Trying to stand on one foot while saying "To infinity and beyond."

The first day or two, I did see Buzz's head go in her mouth and she also sucked a bit on her finger which started to worry me but she has stopped!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Crawling and Teeth

I haven't taken many photos in the last week or so. Here are a few of Davey though.

She has mastered crawling over the last few weeks and has discovered our stairs which is a little scary - I picked up a gate this morning!

She has her first tooth, with the second on the way. Malia just got her final molars in - I can't believe we are starting this 2 year process again.