Monday, September 27, 2010

MJ at the park

I have a bunch of pictures that I took a few weeks ago that I forgot to pull off of my camera. Some of them were from a time when Malia and I went to the park. Here are a few.

Giddy Up

We celebrated Graham's first birthday on Saturday. He did great of sharing his new toys with his cousins and he made us all laugh as he shivered and smiled while eating his first cupcake.

Kendal's invitation said that "western wear is welcome" so I toyed with the idea of making Malia a cowgirl vest for a few weeks before but did not start working on my project until about 24 hours before the party. And by that point I decided that a vest wasn't enough, but that bandana skirts were also in order for both girls. Here are some pictures of them in their cowgirl attire.

And this next series was my attempt to get a picture of the girls together in their outfits. I waited until the end of the evening when they were nice and tired which did not provide a great picture, but they sure are funny.

Friday, September 24, 2010

G is one!

Happy Birthday Graham! You are such a joy and we are so thankful to have you in our lives.

I took some pictures of Graham last week (I am trying to learn more about my camera and I thought that G would be a great subject to practice on) - I know that Kendal posted some but here are a few of my favorites!

Erik and I decided that this next picture resembles an awkward homecoming picture. Think about it - the girl is taller than the guy - the girl is more excited than the guy...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Praying for Beth

My sister, Beth, has been on my heart so much in the last few days. On Sunday she was participating in a Half Ironman Triathlon in Branson, MO and while biking she was hit by a car. She hit the car and the pavement pretty hard with her shoulder and head. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a separated shoulder but the next day she started feeling nauseous and so now it seems like she has a concussion too.

She saw an orthopedic surgeon yesterday who told her the ligament in her shoulder was torn but that she would not need surgery so that was good news but she is in a sling for 3-4 weeks which means she cannot drive and cannot really work (she is a physical therapist who does home health).

She is still struggling with the nausea and my brother-in-law told me she is already bored. I have never had an injury like this but I was nauseous for weeks upon weeks (ok months upon months) with my pregnancies so I know how discouraging and hard that can be.

So I am just asking for prayers for her - for the recovery of her shoulder, that it may heal in a way that would not prohibit her from being active in the future - for her spirits as it is hard to be nauseas for so long - and for the ceasing of the nausea.

I love you Beth!

This is a picture of me, Beth and my mom at our family triathlon in July. Beth has truly been an inspiration and motivation for Andrew and I to get into shape and to do some races.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Andrew's 10K

Since the family triathlon, Andrew has continued to run almost every morning before the girls and I are even awake. On Saturday, he ran his first 10K. His goal was to do it in under 5o minutes and he did it in 47 minutes, 27 seconds which means he was running under 8 minute miles!
I am so inspired by him that I started to run. Don't think I will be doing a 10K anytime soon but there may be a 5K in my future. We will keep you all updated.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Davey and the slide

These days, we spend several nights a week at the playground. The other night, Davey went down the slide on her tummy for the first time and loved it. Some of these pictures are a little blurry (I have not mastered action shots) but her smiles are so priceless.

Davey is 10 months old now! Here are a few other pictures I took of her the day she turned 10 months.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Labor Day Fun

On our way to church, we pass a fun looking splash park. For some reason, we have never stopped. We decided on Sunday that we could go as a family on Monday. Of course, it was in the 70s on Monday but since there is a regular playground there too, we decided to still go.

Above: Davey enjoying her graham cracker. Below: The graham cracker residue.

At the end of our time at the park, I wanted to walk by the splash park to get a closer look and to my surprise, Malia wanted to play in the icy water. So we did.

The 4 arch structure that we are standing by in the picture above is what we ran through in the pictures below. It looked like just a few streams of water but we got pretty wet.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Park with KK and G

Yesterday we had time with Kendal and Graham at their neighborhood park - it was lots of fun.

This is what happens when you have 3 kids and only 2 swings.

I did not have luck getting a picture of all three of them smiling at me and I did not have any luck getting them to smile at me individually either. Cute faces nonetheless.

Serious (but sweet).

Distracted (by food).

Distracted (by Graham).