Monday, February 28, 2011

The Zoo

Two Saturday's ago, all of the Denver Wolgies headed to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the cousins enjoyed hanging out and seeing animals. Us adults had a good time too!

We had a season pass to the zoo last year and every time we went, I took my camera and never took pictures. This time I took a few - nothing spectacular but some fun glimpses of the day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adoption. The Beginning.

I have put off this post for so long because the task of concisely sharing about our road to adoption and the process we are going through and all of my random thoughts seems daunting.

But I do want to write something. Caution-this could be long.

Ever since I can remember, Andrew and I have talked about adopting children into our family. God has used so many precious people, situations, radio programs, books, sermons, etc. to confirm this call on our lives.

For years, we did not know when or from where we would adopt - we just knew we would. And we felt like God would reveal his plan to us in the right time.

When we moved to Denver, we started going to a church that has a great culture of adoption. About six years ago, the church launched a fantastic ministry called Project 1.27 whose goal is have more adoptive families ready and willing to provide "forever families" than kids waiting for homes in the foster care system in Colorado. We thought it was plain as day that since we were in this church and had access to this great ministry, that it was what we were supposed to do. We attended an orientation last September but then decided to wait until the new year (2011) to take the next steps because we were going to India, traveling for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

As the new year approached, we became increasingly confused about our adoption route. You see, the children we saw in India stole our hearts and we started questioning whether we were supposed to adopt domestically or internationally.

Then one day something clicked. We did not necessarily have to choose either/or. We just had to choose one to pursue first, and we could always pursue the other one later. We decided to start the process to adopt through Project 1.27.

So what does this look like? Basically we are in the process of being trained to be foster parents. We have 12 hours of training down, 18 to go and then we will have to go through the home study process before being certified foster parents.

Once that is done, we will be put "in the system" and case workers in Colorado will try and find a good match for us. We would like to foster/adopt a child who is younger than Davey so most likely the child will not be legally free when he/she is placed in our home (the average age of a legally free child is 10). Not being legally free means that the child has been removed from his/her home but that the parental rights have not been terminated yet - in fact by law there must be reasonable efforts to reunite the child and the parent.

This is where things get a little tricky. Can we really pray for this child to become a part of our family? Because that would mean that his/her mother or father would be continuing to fail. Not easy stuff. But we are trusting that God will give us the strength, wisdom, courage, patience to love on this child whether they end up becoming a permanent part of our family or if they only are with our family for a season.

Phew. So that is the intro/overview. I am sure I will share more as we continue on the journey.

We appreciate your prayers through this process. If you want to know more specifics, please let me know.

Also, if you are interested in adoption or know people who are in the process, I highly recommend Russell Moore's Adopted for Life. The audio version is available for a free download until the end of February. I haven't listened to it but I did read the book and I thought it was a fantastic resource.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kitchen Helper

Malia loves to help bake (so does Davey but she is a little unreliable on the counter). I think her favorite part is tasting the flour. I am pretty sure I have posted on her love for flour before but I kind of thought it would go away and it hasn't... I guess it is better than eating dirt.

Anyway here are a few pictures from a few weeks ago. Like her outfit?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

Two Friday's ago, Malia got to attend her first Valentine's Day party. My friend, Kim, who has a daughter in kindergarten and another daughter who is three hosted. She did such a fantastic job coming up with heart, pink and red themed games, decorations, etc. We had a great time.

Malia and Natalee

Rachel and Malia

The yummy spread of food.

Enjoying her heart straw.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

15 Month and Dirt

Earlier this week we had Davey's 15 month doctors appointment. We are grateful that she is healthy and growing well. The most notable thing is that her head size went from being in the 100% at her 12 month appointment (that means off of the charts) down to the 97%. What a kid!

Yesterday we ventured outside for a little bit. Actually it was kind of windy so the girls spent most of the time playing in the garage but they were entertained and glad to get out of our house for a bit. Davey discovered a bucket of dirt that was used last year for some tomato plants - and you should be able to tell what happened from the pictures.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Malia Coloring

Part of the reason Davey is so interested in sitting at the table and coloring is because Malia enjoys it so much. Here is a series I shot of her recently while she was hard at work.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coloring in the Big Chair

The last few days, Davey has requested (through her own unique combination of grunts, pointing and signing please) to sit in a big chair at our table. We bought a booster seat when we were trying to transition Malia out of the high chair but she never really used it... I have a feeling we are going to get our moneys worth out of it with Davey though.

We are working on coloring with crayons. Of course they usually end up in her mouth at some point, but she has the motion of coloring down and as you can see enjoys it.

Sometimes the wrong end of the crayon goes to the paper.

Milk break.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Just chilling

Recently we have been spending a lot of time at home just chilling because it has been so cold out. I would venture to say that a majority of our last week and a half has been spent in our pajamas!

Anyone else decorate their kitchen floor by scattering magnets all over? It's all the rage at our house.

Friday, February 04, 2011


My "type A", "I like it clean and organized", personality sometimes has a hard time letting the girls make a mess. Because of this, Malia probably does not paint as much as I would like her to.

But my number one New Years Resolution/Goal last year that I renewed this year (and probably will for a lot of years to come) is to spend more time with Malia and Davey. I am very task oriented so I have to be really mindful to just be with the girls. I am realizing that part of just being with the girls is watching them explore and learn - and a lot of times this is done through making messes, big and small.

Instead of cringing every time the box of blocks gets dumped out right after I pick them up or as I watch blue paint find its way off of the brush and paper and onto hands, the table, etc, I am trying to see things through the girls eyes. I am trying to see the delight of sticking your hands in the paint and of watching and hearing all of those blocks tumble out. I am trying to see that messes can be fun and that they have a lot to teach all of us.

Not always easy but definitely worth it.