Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I came upon the idea of putting pipe cleaners into strainers one night when I was blog jumping/hunting for activities to do with the girls. I honestly do not know where I found it but I have to give credit to someone who is more creative than me.

Malia with her creation.

We left the strainers out for a few hours and Malia got creative later in the day and started putting her beads in it.

Davey joining in on the bead/strainer fun.

Malia did this one all by herself. I was very impressed.

Not related to strainers but here is another use found for all of those pencils I have been hoarding!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Two Sunday's ago we went on a hike with some of our friends (I know I am a little behind here). It was a windy day but the girls did great.

We carried Davey in a backpack some but she really wanted to walk/run. She probably ended up doing at least half of the hike on her own which shocked us. At the beginning, she found a pine cone and for awhile was very entertained to throw it, run to pick it up, throw it again, etc.

Malia and her friend "L" examining/trading rocks. (We had to put their hoods up to keep their hair from flying in their faces because of the wind.)

The three older girls hiking ahead.

Our destination - the ruins of a "castle".

Funny faces.

Rock climbers.

Headed back to the car. The older girls are so sweet to Davey and she loves them.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Dog Hair

Davey recently decided that she really liked hot dogs. Last week, after eating her hot dog, she took the plate, put it on her head and rubbed it around. This resulted in hot dog juice in her hair... I took a washcloth and tried to get some of it out but it resulted in this hairdo...

Apparently hot dog juice can be substituted for hair spray or moose - warning, it does not smell as good! She actually did this two days in a row so now we have a new rule at our house - no plate for Davey when she eats a hot dog.

Of course, this hairstyle is not new to Davey...

One day old.

One week old.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Parties

Malia had two fun birthday parties last weekend. The first was to Little Monkey Business - a place for climbing and sliding. We went there last year for a party and she was not really into it but she loved it this year.
The second was at a rec center in town that had a fun pool and big water slide.

Both girls went down the big waterside and loved it.

Just had to show how big the slide was for a 17 month and a 3 1/2 year old!

The funny part is that Malia was scared to go down this little slide when we first got there. After conquering the big one with mom/dad, she decided she could handle it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Des Time

Last weekend we got to hang out with Des a lot (and his parents too). It started on Friday when Alli and I went to a couple kids sale together. We did not want to have to drive separately so we shoved an infant carrier in between the girls car seats for Des. I think all three enjoyed it... I do not know why we want to exchange our Civic in for a minivan so badly!?!

On Saturday, Chris (not-pictured unfortunately) was the all-star dad/uncle who took care of our girls and Des while we went to a seminar for our foster-care certification and Alli had class for her grad program. Afterwards we got to hang out for awhile. Note: Des is naked in all of these because he was supposed to be getting a bath but we kept on distracting.
Alli, being the fun lady that she is, made the girls popsicles out of applesauce and sprinkles. Davey's popsicle led to a power struggle between parents and child - she wanted to walk around with it freely inside their house and we weren't up for that - huge meltdown! We moved our party outside where she could run free and drip as she pleased and she was happy as a clam.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

17 months

Davey is growing up. She turned 17 months old this week.

- Her appetite has decreased a lot recently. She used to eat almost anything but she is becoming more picky. I remember a stage with Malia where I wondered if a child could really grow on Goldfish alone...
- She loves to purse her lips.
- She is a bully. I watch 2 of my neighbors' daughters a few times a week, so sometimes we have 4 little girls running around our house. Davey is the youngest and the most likely to be pushing or hitting.
- She is a parrot, repeating everything we say. Some of our favorite words she says are "rella" (Cinderella), "sorry" (she says this a lot re: being a bully), "fish", "horsey" and of course "mommy" and "daddy".
- She likes bracelets, beds, dirt and drawing on herself with sidewalk chalk.
- She can pull herself up on our kitchen chairs and climb to the top of our neighborhood jungle gym without any help.
- She has the ability to make huge messes in small amounts of time because she plays with things by dumping them out.
- She loves to find Malia's juice lying around the house and will chug it if she can reach it.
- After getting knocked down by our neighbors itty bitty dog, she has become terrified at the sight of a dog.
- When she hears the stairs from the basement creaking, she knows it is Andrew coming upstairs and her normal response is to get excited and say "daddy" before she even sees him.

So much more I could say about her. But I will just sum it up by saying she is a delight (except for when she is very ornery/stubborn/irrational - those times can be challenging!) and a treasured part of our family.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Family Drawing

For a long time coloring for Malia was just a few strokes here and there on the paper. In the past month or so I have noticed her really progressing in her drawing/coloring. She really shocked me the other day by drawing this family picture.

Baking Fun

Last week, Malia spent the afternoon with her Emmie. My plan was that while Davey was taking her nap at our house, I would get a bunch of baking done.

Davey had other plans though. She must have smelled the goodies downstairs because she just took a little cat nap. I was already up to my elbows in batter when I got her up, so she just joined in on the fun (including tasting the treats!)

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and chocolate nutella cookies - yum!

Davey enjoying a muffin.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The clock

One of the fun thing about doing homeschool preschool is getting to buy some fun learning toys. I have bought a few new items but a lot of what I have picked up in the last few months has been used and cheap!

One of my favorite finds so far was a Melissa and Doug sorting clock. It was on my "want list" for preschool and I stumbled across it at the Goodwill (right next to our church) for $1.99! I was so excited.

It has been a hit with both Malia and Davey. Here is Malia hard at work - I love how far out her tongue of concentration is!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Homeschool Preschool

For a variety of reasons, we have decided not to send Malia to preschool next year. Instead we will be doing some preschool activities at home. I have spent a lot of time in 2011 investigating programs, what she needs to be learning, materials, etc.

I have actually really enjoyed the process so far which has been a nice confirmation that this is the right decision for our family. And we have already started doing some activities... nothing too formal but just little things here and there.

These pictures are actually from February when Malia did a little sorting activity with pom poms, tongs and mini Bilibos that she got for her birthday - thanks Beth and Keith! Have I pointed out her tongue of concentration before?