Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great Grandma Pictures

My grandma (with the help of my dad) sent the pictures that were taken on her camera while we were visiting her in Ohio so I must post them.

I have to thank my grandma for passing her blue-eye gene down. Even though it stayed recessive in two generations (my dad and I both have brown eyes) it has come out in Davey and I love it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Look at what is growing in our backyard...

Just wanted to show what is growing in our backyard these days...

Just picked: zuchinni number 2 & 3 of the season.

Tomatoes changing from green to orange.

We have several eggplants growing. I have never made anything with eggplant but I am excited to experiment with new recipes soon (so if you have a good eggplant recipe, send it my way!)
This is Andrew's design to (1) help beautify our big rock area and (2) to give the zucchini plants room to grow. It has worked really well so far. And our peas grew on the trellis but are done for the season (I miss those already - our girls loved to pick and eat the peas and their momma loved to see something green going into their mouths!)

We have two apple trees. Even though they are small, they both are growing a little fruit this year. Above are Fuji apples (I think!)

And here is a Gala apple.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Davey and Tess

Over the weekend, Davey had her first chance to hold Tess. I am pretty sure this is the first baby she has held on her own and she was a natural. She acted as if she had done it a million times. Pretty sweet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We have been home from our trip for a week and a half and I still haven't posted everything from it. Our final stop was in Chicago for Andrew's cousin, Noel's, wedding. In addition to attending a Wolgemuth reunion (after the wedding), we also got to see some good friends. I was horrible at taking pictures while there, so I only have two to share despite being in Chicago for three days and interacting with about 60 different family members/friends.

Here are our girls with Cooper (who since we saw him has become a big brother to Levi!).
And here is Malia with Grace at the reunion. It was great fun to have our girls interact with the rest of the great-grandchildren. The older ones were so sweet to the younger ones. Makes me wish we lived closer.

Grace was born just a couple of months before Andrew and I got married... looking at her makes me realize we have been married awhile!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Belgianos

On our trip, we got to spend a few days with our dear friends the Belgianos.

The five kids.

Teague (4 1/2) and Malia (3 1/2) watching tv together. A picture we joked about busting out when they are at Taylor together.
Malia ate a lot of watermelon one night when we were there.

Time in Madison was pretty relaxed and low key - just the way I like it. Two of the nights we headed up to the ball park to watch the boys tee-ball/baseball games.

Davey cracked us up because she loved being around the boys. We laughed saying that maybe she was meant to be the youngest of 5 children.
Malia eating chips very ladylike.

After the chips were gone, she joined in the ball throwing fun.

Davey had to take a break from playing to eat too.

Justin allowing the girls to put grass on his head... oh the things we do for kids!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gee Gee

On our way from Ohio to Wisconsin, we stopped to see Andrew's grandma, known as Gee Gee to the girls. (We also got to see my grandma in Ohio but for some reason only took pictures on her camera - send them to me grandma!)

It was a great visit... we only wish we could have stayed longer but we had a long drive ahead of us still that day.

Andrew's uncle and aunt stopped by while we were there and brought their dog. The girls enjoyed feeding the dog treats. The dog did not enjoy getting his picture taken!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tess Dani Wolgemuth

I still have lots to post from our trip but I have to delay that to present our first niece, Tess, who arrived on Tuesday morning. Kendal was not due until August 9th but was induced starting Monday night because they were concerned that Tess was not growing. So three weeks before her due date, Tess made her appearance. She was born 4 lbs, 8 ounces. Small but thankfully is healthy and home already.

We were able to go see her in the hospital a few hours after she was born but she was in the NICU so we couldn't hold her... just look...

Tess with Erik's hand to give you some perspective of how tiny she is.

On Wednesday night we returned to the hospital to see Tess who was then out of the NICU and with her parents. She is small but perfect. She was swaddled in several layers (to help her maintain her body temperature) so we are yet to see her tiny body but we enjoyed holding her.

The three girl cousins.

With big brother Graham.

The family of 4.

Talking to Aunt Alli and Uncle Chris (who are out of town) via iPhone's FaceTime. Gotta love technology in times like this (and the fact that none of us kids have iPhones but our moms do!)

A picture after her two hats fell off (yes two to help her maintain body temperature). Gotta love that hair and the bows (we could not figure out how they adhered them to her head... it looked like glue but surely they wouldn't!)

Tess, it was love at first sight. Welcome to the family!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming, Popsicles and Lightning Bugs

During our Midwest adventure we were able to swim a lot. I do not like to take the girls to the pool by myself because it stresses me out, so it was fun to have a lot of opportunities to go with Andrew (weekend days, vacation days he took and even on his lunch break a few days!)

One day the girls got popsicles poolside.

While in the Midwest, we identified one good reason for humidity - lightning bugs! We do not have them in Denver (Andrew says it is because they like humidity) so it was the girls first time catching them. We spent a lot of nights out catching and releasing the great little bugs.

Davey getting a lightning bug from Andrew's hand.

Apparently Davey's pants were falling off while we were doing this! Do you remember when it was really popular for guys to wear their pants like this?

Putting a new catch in the jar.

The collecting jar.

Oh, the simple wonders.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

This was our fourth year participating in cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a. It happened to be when we were visiting our sweet friends, the Lile's in Akron. Thankfully they were game for dressing up with us!