Monday, April 30, 2012


We planted a couple of peach trees at our house since moving in three years ago and this is the first year they bloomed.  We are so excited that peaches are growing!  (It really is the simple things that entertain me these days.)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

R Activities, Part 2

Here is the rest of what we did for R.

Measured play dough with a ruler (while rolling her 
tongue or as she calls it "making it look like a hot dog bun.")

We used our geoboard to make R's out of rubber bands.  Letter cards found here.

Read a lot.  (Our library allows you to request books.  The stack behind her is what they pulled for me last week!  Love the library.)
Sorting through rice to find rings.  (She was not a fan of doing it blindfolded.
I kept catching her peeking out the bottom!)

Rings found.

We made a rain jar to show how clouds gather moisture, get darker and then release rain.

After she enjoyed pouring the blue water back and forth.  I love watching her explore.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

R Activities, Part 1

Here are some things we did for R.

 Sorted rocks by color.

 Malia made up a game where you had to run a few rocks to the 
red table and then come back.  Davey joined in on the fun.

 R's out of red rocks (I made one, she copied)

Crayon rubbings

 We had some friends over and made rainbow toast.

You mix food coloring with milk and paint on white bread.

 Then we made a rainbow (inspired by this).  First they used dot markers to add color...

 and then they glued on scraps of felt and paper.

Final product.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Last weekend, we sent the girls with Emmie and Pops to a local youth production of Beauty and the Beast. (Wasn't it nice of us to give a birthday present that resulted in a date night a.k.a night of yard work for ourselves?!)

We told the girls (and Pops) about a week before and I am glad we didn't do it any sooner.  Multiple times a day we had to run through how many more days it was until they went.  I am pretty sure Malia had her outfit laid out by Tuesday night (but switched her shoes after she fell in love with her "new" tennis shoes on Friday).

From what we heard, it was a great outing, enjoyed by all.  Here are a couple of pictures taken before we sent them off (taken in extreme sunlight.)

Happy Birthday Pops!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh garage sales, how I love thee...

I love garage sales.  My first stop of the season, was a success.  Here's what I got for $8.

Fleece pjs, two skirts, leggings, shorts...

... tennis shoes, a card game and a wooden memory set.

Malia loves her "new" tennis shoes and wants to wear them all of the time (I looked up the brand online because I had not heard of it and found out they retail for $42 - yikes!)  She also loves the pink polka dot skirt, has worn it 2 of the last 3 days, and has already requested to wear it tomorrow.  Davey loves the games and plays them by (big surprise) picking out all of the pink cards/tiles.

My second sale was the next day.  (I almost didn't stop because there were just mounds of clothes that looked rather intimidating but I did because we had time to kill.)  Long story short is I ended up filling two bags for $2!

  I sorted through the stuff when I got home and ended up taking a lot of it to a resale shop close by where I used some of the credit to buy Keen's for Davey for next summer and a cardigan for me.  I also got $8.50 in cash.  

Here is what I was left with:

The cardigan, Keens, a swim coverup for me, jeans, leggings, 2 tanks, one outfit, a skirt, and 3 pairs of knit shorts.

So in the end, I ended up paying $1.50 (plus gas) for my two days of garage sales!  Not bad.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Q Activities

We did not do much for Q as other letters.

 Quilted Q.

 We looked at a children's dictionary and talked about how there 
are not very many q words and how q is always followed u.

 She used Q tips and water to draw on a chalkboard.

 And we also used Q tips to paint.  We talked about pointillism and found a painting online that we wanted to copy.  I tried to provide general outlines and let her fill them in with dots...

...but she was more interested in painting her hands (again!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gymnastics Party

Our neighbor had her birthday party at a local gymnastics place over the weekend.  The girls really enjoyed jumping, swinging and sliding.

 Started out with the whole group around the parachute.

 Andrew and I were so tickled to see the girls swinging on this rope.  I still cannot believe that Davey held on (I just wish I had a picture of her face but Andrew's face kind of sums it up!)

Unforunately this is how Davey ended that experience - face down in the foam pit.

Help on the bars.

Malia just saw these pictures and said, I want to go there again.  I asked her if she liked it better than dance class and she said yes.  I guess we know what to sign her up for in the fall/winter.

Monday, April 16, 2012

P Activities, Part 2

The rest of our P activities. 

 Finding pennies and putting it on the P.

 The girls got to dress their own finger puppets.

 Paddle ball made of a pink plate and a purple popsicle stick.

 Pink pushpin P

 We were going to use a pencil to paint pink and purple.  It didn't work as well as I hoped...

 ... so instead Malia decided to paint her hand.

Play dough people

 Pumpkin pancakes

 Plants, plants and more plants.  Andrew's aunt Liz gave us the kit above that is designed to see the roots.  And the picture below is a little of what Andrew has started for our garden.  Malia loves helping Andrew plant and transplant.  It's very cute.