Thursday, May 31, 2012

V Activities

Here is some of what we did for V.

 We used some of the printables from this pack and talked about vehicles.

We ate vanilla ice cream.

 Malia dropped vinegar on baking soda and watched the reaction.
She made a violet collage.

 We used popsicle sticks with velcro on the ends to create shapes.

We watched a video on volcanoes and then made our own (at first Malia did not want to pour the baking soda in... I think the video of a real volcano scared her a bit!)

We played with a velcro catch set. 

And what V week would be complete without a little vomit.  Malia got sick in the middle of the night last Monday.  Thankfully it only lasted a few hours and no one else got sick.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden of the Gods

My parents are in town this week.  On Monday we ventured down to Garden of the Gods and enjoyed a nice hike.

 Mimi, Malia and Papa

Davey was pretty content to stay in the hiking backpack for most of our time there.  

 Malia did a great job hiking.  She has an adventurous heart and loves exploring.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Garage Sale Loot

Not exactly sure why I feel compelled to share this (maybe because I know it would make my grandma proud) but this is what I got at my third garage sale outing of the year.  (I didn't post about the second one where I got a big stack of books for $8 - the proceeds for that one went to support YFC in Uganda so I didn't push for any deals!)  

 First purchase.  Snow White dress, pink cowgirl hat, Jenga, Chinese Checkers, Discovery Toys Busy Bugs and American Girl puzzle set.  $5

 Second purchase.  Set of alphabet blocks, 5 books, pink leggings (with tags on them!) and pink shoes.  $2

 Third purchase.  Four felt play sets (including one in packaging), Madeline matching 
and water drawing board.  $5

 Fourth purchase.  6 pairs of princess shoes and an I spy game.  $5.50

Last purchase.  Froggy Boogie by Blue Orange (we love their games!)  $1.

Total spent $18.50 (which is pretty good considering a lot of those items on their own retail for that).  

Malia loves the Snow White dress and the day we got it wore it out to the grocery store.  When the cashier complemented her on it Malia replied "Thanks, we got it at a garage sale today."  I love that she things garage sale shopping is cool!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

U Activities

Here is what we did for U.  

 Made the word "up" out of arrows (that we tried to point up).

Made patterns with unifix cubes.

 I found this fleece with a map of the United States on it and bought it a couple of years ago (I really like maps and thought it would come in handy for learning).  We took a deck of state cards and matched them to the map.  As you can see the East coast got a little crowded.

My sweet neighbor did umbrella paintings with the girls while watching them.

We talked about and sorted utensils.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visiting Aunt Alli's class

Last Friday, we went to Alli's classroom to help with some Friday fun.  It was great to see Alli in action, to put more faces with names we have heard through out the year, and to have a little fun.

The girls had a great time (even though we were pushing through Davey's nap.)

Davey got so comfortable that she even claimed a desk as her own.  Luckily, Alli's student was agreeable to the arrangement!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cubbies Finale

Last week was Malia's final week of Cubbies.    

In preparation for the night, she had to decorate a shoebox 
that served as a vehicle for her stuffed animal.

 The kids walked around the room with their shoeboxes...

 ... did pledges, sang songs...

... and explained the Resurrection Eggs they had made for Easter.

Her favorite parts of Cubbies were the games and earning patches.  We are really proud of Malia.  She finished her first book (which means she learned about 30 verses this year).  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our 2 1/2 year old

Last week, Davey officially crossed the 2 1/2 year old mark.  Sometimes I can hardly believe she is so grown up. 

:: She is very silly and loves to make us laugh
:: She often is carrying around or is surrounding herself with stuffed animals
:: She has zero (actually negative) interest in being potty trained
:: She still chugs milk 
:: She wears the same pink dress approximately five days of the week (she calls it her "all of the princesses dress")
:: She still loves her pac (and I dread taking it away from her)
:: She knows all of her uppercase letters and most of the lowercase ones too (to my surprise!)
:: She has an amazing memory (she recently recounted a trip to the ice cream store from last summer and how her friend got pink ice cream!)
:: She loves pink and all of the colors except for blue
:: She loves to push her baby "Quintano" in the stroller out front
:: She is not a picky eater and amazes us with what she will try

We love our Davey Lou!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

T Activities

I have to admit that I have been in a bit of a preschool funk for the last few weeks.  I think it is a combo of traveling, the nice weather and laziness on my part.

After some delay and lots of days off, we did manage to complete a number of T activities.

 We combined our three tunnels to crawl through (why we have three, I am not sure... well actually I do know why... garage sales).  We also put up a play tent.

 We made these turkeys.

 We used some montessori bead bars to talk about counting by tens.  
(Malia recently figured out how to count by twos also).

 We also used the beads to talk about making the teen numbers.

One of my neighbors passed on a bunch of random school stuff including this tiger poster.  We enjoyed looking at the poster and learning facts about tigers (Malia was interested to learn that tigers are only four when they become mommies!)

 We talked about triangles having three sides and played "Triangle, Not a Triangle".

 I wrote out some T words.  Some I knew she knew.  Others I thought she could figure out.

She erased the word when I said it aloud.

We played with our train set.

 She made T's out of tape.

We used toothpicks and beads to create.  Davey loved this and sang the whole time 
(I love that she can join us more and more these days in activities).

Malia created the White Witch's Castle (she and Andrew have 
been reading some of the Chronicles of Narnia out loud.)