Thursday, June 28, 2012

A.M. with D.E.W.

Davey wakes up before Malia most mornings.  Sometimes it is minutes before, sometimes over an hour.  Last week, I had a fun, extended morning with just Davey playing with some alphabet blocks.

And while we were playing, she kept wanting sips of my water.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Greens

We have started harvesting some green things from our garden.  

Kale, peas and our first zucchini (we could be eating a lot of arugula too but I have no idea what to do with it and it is a bit peppery on its own for me).

Peas are eaten raw, usually within minutes of being picked (even if it is 8 a.m.).  I have jumped on the bandwagon and have been experimenting with green smoothies.  I added kale to this recipe (in addition to the spinach) and it was yummy.

And our first zucchini went to zucchini cookies.  Also very yummy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rockies Game

Q. What do you do on a day that Denver has a record high of 105?  
A. Get free tickets to the Rockies game.  

We didn't exactly plan it that way but we made the most of the circumstances 
(by moving to seats in the shade!)

 The girls with their MLB loving dad.

 The kid crew.

 Our friends bought slushies and split them for the kids which was a treat.

How cute is she?

Thursday, June 21, 2012


We are enjoying the summertime.  Here are a few random pictures.

Malia and I have been going on pool dates in the afternoon to help get her comfortable in the water.  She is definitely getting braver but still has an iron grip on whoever she is in the pool with.

We got ice cream cones at Chick-fil-A (which Davey enjoyed).

I asked Desmond and the girls to take a picture before they left on their hike... this is what I got.  I don't know why but this picture totally cracks me up.  Desmond is fascinated with throwing rocks but I am pretty sure he didn't even have one in his hand when this was taken.  I think he is just telling the girls about how cool throwing rocks is!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Z Activities

We finished up Z about a week and a half ago.  
Here are a few of the things we did (and we did not do much).

 Vocabulary sheet (we did these for almost every letter).

We had a zebra poster that had facts on it so we talked about those.

Made zebra stripes on a Z.

And did zebra dominos (COAH).

We went to the zoo with all of the cousins but I didn't take my camera.  We also made zucchini bread and spotted a few zucchinis growing in our garden.

I am excited that we are done with the alphabet and look forward to a summer off of our preschool!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old Phone Pictures, Part 2

Davey playing with play dough last Christmas.

The girls (and their friends) at the Aquarium with the mermaids.

Malia walking our neighbors dogs.

Malia in her Easter basket (which reminded me of plush duck slippers we had growing up!)

And for some cousin love.  Here are the girls and Graham running circles in Walmart.  
Sometimes you need entertainment in the winter!

The girls and Desmond all crammed into our Burley for a walk around the block.

And one of my favorites, Desmond crawling through the bottom of the carts at Sam's Club (another cold day where we were trying to have some fun).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Phone Pictures, Part 1

I got a new phone last week.  Before I said goodbye to the old one, I cleared off the few photos I had on there.  Here are the random things I captured on my phone.

 Davey, when she first started walking.

 These are all from a day at the park when Davey was 1 and Malia was 3.

  Up close with Malia.
Pig mask in the car.

Plaid lady helping me bake.

 This was just over a year ago, after we found this Belle costume at a garage sale and Malia insisted on wearing it, her Belle socks and her new sandals to the park.

More to come...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

X and Y activities

We spent one day on X and one day on Y last week.  This is partly because I want to finish up the alphabet before July and partly because there are not as many things you can do for X and Y.

 For X we did a handwriting worksheet...

 ... and a xylophone coloring sheet (COAH).

We read (and enjoyed) Not a Box for X and In My New Yellow Shirt and Yes Day for Y.  Book recommendations were from here.

 We looked at the Children's Dictionary.  Out of over 200 pages, only 1 1/2 is dedicated to X and Y (which made me feel more justified in doing them each in a day!)

I had a basket of yarn that I let the girls explore.  I ended up with tangled yarn all over my house (literally... Malia went up and down the stairs with it) but they enjoyed the process.

We made a yarn collage by putting contact paper sticky side out.

The girls went on a yellow scavenger hunt around the house.

We used inserts from Education Cubes and rolled a dice to practice some sight words.  At first I put in 6 words that either started or ended in Y.  She loved the games so much that I ended up rotating in all 40 of them.  To my surprise she knew 28 of them.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The rest of Mimi and Papa's visit

Here are some other random pictures from our week with Mimi and Papa.

 The girls picked out fabric and Mimi made them new pillowcases.

 We did pizza on the grill for the first time and it was a big success.  My mom had the brilliant idea of putting our leftover succotash and bruschetta on as toppings.  Yummy.

Playing with their new toy that Mimi and Papa brought them - magnetic gears.

Mimi and Papa with two of their three granddaughters 
(my sister just found out she is having a girl!)