Monday, January 28, 2013

Pre-K I

"I" week turned out to be a lot more fun than I anticipated.  

 We made I-Spy mats again.  This was the one Malia made for Davey.

 We talked about inches and used our Inchimals to measure different objects.

 We played I Spy with our Find It game (a Goodwill acquire).  I wrote out all of the objects, she wrote out the ABCs and then she crossed things off as she found them.  We found everything except for that darn penny!

She did a cut and paste of "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

We took ice cubes into the bathtub...
... and experimented with melting them in warm and cold water.

We also watched two Dvds from the library about kids in India.  She especially liked the one called Going to School in India.  I was impressed with how perceptive she was and thankful that it sparked some good conversations.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Open My Hands

(I wrote this yesterday and forgot to publish!)

Naomi is 6 months old today.  We continued to be amazed as we continue this journey - amazed by God's goodness, amazed at Naomi's progress, amazed at how supported we have felt, amazed at how much we have learned...

I have been thinking a lot this week about the days in the NICU with Naomi and how uncertain so many things felt at that point.  My constant companion during those time was Sara Groves.  I happened to have one of her albums loaded on my phone, and I became obsessed with it.  One of the songs that spoke so much to me is called Open My Hands.  You can listen to it here, and here are the lyrics.

I believe in a blessing I don't understand 
I've seen rain fall on wicked and the just 
Rain is no measure of his faithfulness 
He withholds no good thing from us 
No good thing from us, no good thing from us 

I believe in a peace that flows deeper than pain 
That broken find healing in love 
Pain is no measure of his faithfulness 
He withholds no good thing from us 
No good thing from us, no good thing from us 

I will open my hands, will open my heart 
I will open my hands, will open my heart 
I am nodding my head an emphatic yes 
To all that You have for me 

I believe in a fountain that will never dry 
Though I've thirsted and didn't have enough 
Thirst is no measure of his faithfulness 
He withholds no good thing from us 
No good thing from us, no good thing from us 

I will open my hands, will open my heart 
I will open my hands, will open my heart 
I am nodding my head an emphatic yes 
To all that You have for me 

What initially was so powerful to me was the chorus.  In those moments when I was opening my hands to hold Naomi in the NICU, I was also opening my heart to her.  It was scary because we did not know how this would unfold.  But I also (emphatically) wanted what God had for me.  During that time, I knew He was asking me to open my heart to her, no matter what the long term outcome.

One night I was telling Alli about the song, and we started talking about the line "He withholds no good thing from us" (which comes from Psalm 84:11).  The next day I found a video of Sara explaining the song.  She shared a devotion from Charles Spurgeon that has really impacted me since hearing it.

“In Psalm 84:11 we read, ‘No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.’ Sir Richard Baker comments, ‘But how is this true when God oftentimes withholds riches, honor, and health of body from men? Though they walk ever so uprightly.’ We may therefore know that honors and riches and bodily strength are none of God’s good things. And the good things of God are chiefly peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Spirit, fruition of God’s presence, and vision of his face. These good things God never withholds from the godly.”

Six months ago we opened our hands, opened our hearts and nodded "yes" emphatically to what God had for us.  The promise that God does not withhold his peace, joy and presence has carried me through the unknowns and the ups and downs of navigating the foster care system.

This experience has been so rich and good.  I am forever changed by what happened on July 25, 2012.  And forever grateful.  Happy 6 months, Naomi!  I love you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exersaucer Fun

We recently borrowed an exersaucer for Naomi.  The older girls were so excited.  So excited that they wanted to sit in it and play with it.  Seriously it entertained both of them for awhile.  Strange but true. (Don't worry E & K, if we break it, we will buy it!)

 Please notice Malia's legs and how cramped they are!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pre-K H

I finally started our Handwriting Without Tears book.  (Malia loves to write and I hesitated for awhile to push proper handwriting because I didn't want to take the fun out of it for her.  Not sure if my waiting approach was best because now we are undoing some of her bad habits, but oh well).

I traced hearts on paper and she cut them.

I gave the girls a bunch of leftover heart stickers and misc stuff from Valentine's last year and they made pictures for their friends (and their friends parents).

Malia and I played a game where she had to think of a word that started with H, draw it and I had to guess.  Pictures above are a highchair, hair, hat and headband.

 We got to design our own headbands thanks to E and KK who gave the 
girls a kit for Christmas.  Here is one that we made.

  I gave Malia notecards with numbers on them and she had to hole punch that many times on it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pre-K G

We did stuff for G over a month ago.  I have been floundering a lot in my methods, goals, etc. for Pre-K lately.  I have resolved (for now) to keep doing a letter a week (or so) because it gives me good structure and I am realizing I can incorporate stuff for Davey too.  Anyway, here are a few things we did.

Glow sticks.  In the bath and all around the house afterwords.

  Our gumdrop trees and graham cracker houses covered both our advent countdown and the letter G.

Story time at the library happened to be focused on gingerbread men during our G week.  She started this craft at the library and brought it home to add more jewels to it.

 We read the Gingerbread Man (a lot) and made our own Gingerbread man out of play dough.

 I printed these Gingerbread numbers and we talked about even and odd numbers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shaving Cream Exploration

It has been bitter cold here the last few days.  So cold that we have not been leaving the house unless we have to.  The other night we decided to have some indoor fun with shaving cream.  I squirted a bunch into a plastic bin and let the girls play.  Both girls really enjoyed it.

Davey immediately covered her entire arm with shaving cream. (Don't let this sundress fool you, it really was in the single digits outside.  She got some hand me downs from a friend and was so excited that she asked to wear this dress immediately.)  

Malia was quite tickled with the experience.

I should note that the shaving cream started to irritate Davey's skin after awhile and she wanted it washed off.  Not sure if she had a cut that it was stinging or if she just has sensitive skin.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Malia received a set of pink legos for her birthday from a friend.  I was surprised at how much she enjoyed them and how good she was at following the directions for building different things.  The first afternoon she had them she played with them for over 3 hours straight.

I was also surprised at how excited Andrew was to have legos in the house (even if majority of them are pink!)  His enthusiasm might have led us to buy her more legos for Christmas.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We are alive.

We are alive here.  We have survived passing around a stomach bug and a cold since Christmas.  Gaining momentum and slowly re-entering normal life again which is nice.

While sick, we spent majority of our days at home.  The girls and I all hit the beginning of this week and were so stir crazy.  Thankfully we got out today and have plans with friends tomorrow.

One activity that helped entertain while we were sick and homebound was perler beads.  I recently discovered that they make big perler beads and Davey got a set for Christmas.  The girls spent lots of time designing.  Malia wanted most of her creations ironed and melted together, but Davey was content to just make something and then dump it.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Day

I didn't take too many pictures.  Guess I was just enjoying the experience and being with all 14 Colorado Wolgie family members. 

Davey wanted to sleep in her dress on Christmas Eve and then wore it all day on Christmas.  Sometimes you just say yes because it really doesn't matter!

The girls with their new dolls.

We tried to remind the kids throughout the day of the real reason for Christmas.  In a last minute brainstorm, we decided to have a Happy Birthday Jesus cake which the kids got to decorate with nativity figures.  During our brainstorm, I didn't envision the figures being pushed as far down into the cake as possible!  Too funny.