Sunday, June 30, 2013

Naomi 11 months

Naomi hit the 11 month mark earlier this week.  Crazy to think that next month we will celebrate her first birthday.

:: While we were traveling, she transitioned from being an expert roller to a legitimate army crawler.
:: She is enjoying feeding herself more, which is both fun and messy.
:: She is starting to actually listen to books when we read them.
:: Peek-a-boo is still one of her favorite games and often gets a belly laugh out of her.
:: She is sleeping through the night a little more consistently in the last couple weeks but likes to wake up at 5 a.m.
:: She loves the pool, swings and dogs.
:: She loves being outside and gets mad when we have to go back inside.
:: As her hair is growing longer we see some random curls on her head, including on the sides.
:: She loves sticking out her tongue.

This photo was set up by Malia.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Taylor University, Part 2

We visited Wengatz Hall, room 106, where Andrew and Jeremy 
were paired as roommates their freshman year.

 With their PA, Belg.

 Room 106 with all of the Lile and Wolgie kids.

The Belgiano boys.

Malia got to have her first friend sleepover while we were at TU 
(their room was across the hall from ours!)

Naomi tried to sleepover too/ steal Lydia's pillow pet.

 The kids.

The fams.  Miss those faces.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taylor University, Part 1

Two weeks ago we started our adventures in the Midwest at Taylor University. We met up with two of our favorite families, the Lile's and the Belgiano's, for a long weekend of fun reliving college memories and creating new ones with our kids.

 Playing with an Ethopian jump rope.

 Naomi was happy late into the night chewing on a flashlight.

 Just like college, the girls were making their own fun on campus.

Race around the track at 9:30 p.m.

 The 10 kids at Ivanhoes.

 Christy made sidewalk chalk paint for the kids to do one morning.  It was a hit.

 Davey drawing long Rapunzel-like hair on herself.

 Malia with campus behind her.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tree Climbing

We just got home from almost 2 weeks of visiting family and friends.  Great trip and lots to share.  Gonna just post these pictures of the girls taken before the trip though today.  This is our 5th spring/summer in our house and all of our little trees and plants are starting to look mature.  The tree in front of our house is even big enough now for the girls to climb a little.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Naomi's Cupboard

Our tupperware cupboard has turned into Naomi's play cupboard.  It is a great spot to have her play while we are prepping meals or eating them since she is not the biggest fan of her highchair.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Helper

Malia is such a big help with Naomi.  Sometimes she will keep an eye on Naomi for me while I run upstairs to grab something or take a quick shower.  And sometimes after Naomi wakes up from a nap, Malia will hop into Naomi's crib with her and entertain her for a few minutes while I, in this case,  finished getting dinner in the oven.

Not a great picture, but we have a video monitor and so I can not only hear, but also see their interaction which is pretty entertaining.

Note on the video monitor: We have received a few free ones to review.  Before we got one, I thought they were a little overbearing and couldn't imagine spending the money.  Now I am kind of an addict.  I feel like Big Brother sometimes!  Also for those of you really examining the photo, I guess we never set the date on the camera because it says 2011.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Adoption Weekend

Last Friday we finalized Naomi's adoption.  It was a day full of joy, fun, family and friends.  

Minutes before she was declared a Wolgemuth.

 Her cousins and friends watching the proceedings (which were all of about 5 minutes long).

 The judge was very warm and kind.  After he finalized the adoption he invited all of the kids up to adopt a rubber duck.  They loved it.

 Our family of 5 with the judge.

 The entire Denver Wolgie clan (and Andrew's grandma who was in from Michigan).  It was so special to have people there to support us. 

An attempt at a family picture.  I kind of love the laughter happening and the fact that Naomi is chewing on her new rubber duck!

My parents were supposed to fly in the night before the adoption, but due to major storms in the midwest they were unable to.  I was really disappointed that they were not able to attend the court hearing (so were they), but so glad that they came out for the rest of the weekend anyway because it was a special time.  We went straight from the courthouse to the airport to pick them up and they stayed through Sunday.

Friday night we had a big cookout with family and friends to celebrate.  I realized as we were cleaning up that I had not taken one picture.  Shocking (and disappointing), but I guess I was just really enjoying the moments.  My heart is full of pictures though... pictures I will treasure for years to come.

 I did snap this picture of our dads (and grill lid - they cooked over 60 hot dogs for the evening!)

 When we got home that night, Naomi got a second wind and was very entertaining.  Here she got a hold of the string on my mom's shirt and decided it looked tasty.

 My parents with all 3 girls...

...and with Naomi.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tea Room

The girls love having tea parties at their Emmie's house. Last week we took Andrew's mom and grandma to an English Tea Room for a late and early birthday celebration.

 Our tower of treats.

Davey loved eating the sugar cubes and Malia loved the mini chocolate cupcakes.

A sweet lady offered to take our picture. Unfortunately I had the flash turned off so it is a little dark.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Face Painting

The farmers market that we like to go to on Saturday's usually has face painters.  Malia always wants to get it done and I always tell her that I have some face paint at home that we can do sometime.  Recently I finally made good on my word.  I put a star and a flower on the girls cheeks one day and they were thrilled.  I told them that it would come off in the bath that night, but that we could do it again the next day.  Somehow in that conversation I agreed that Malia could paint my face as well.

So the next day, I got a little art on my face.  I was really impressed with her drawing (they are face paint crayons but still).  So impressed that I ran errands with it on my face that night!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Gege's 88th

A week and a half ago, we celebrated Andrew's grandma's 88th birthday. 

 Gege with her great-grands.

 Emmie and Pops had games for the kids to play and Gege was in charge of handing out candy rewards.

 Balancing bean bags on heads.

 Trying to balance on one foot...

... for 8 seconds.

Naomi enjoying some toys.

Happy 88th Gege.  It was fun to celebrate with you.