Thursday, June 06, 2013

Adoption Weekend

Last Friday we finalized Naomi's adoption.  It was a day full of joy, fun, family and friends.  

Minutes before she was declared a Wolgemuth.

 Her cousins and friends watching the proceedings (which were all of about 5 minutes long).

 The judge was very warm and kind.  After he finalized the adoption he invited all of the kids up to adopt a rubber duck.  They loved it.

 Our family of 5 with the judge.

 The entire Denver Wolgie clan (and Andrew's grandma who was in from Michigan).  It was so special to have people there to support us. 

An attempt at a family picture.  I kind of love the laughter happening and the fact that Naomi is chewing on her new rubber duck!

My parents were supposed to fly in the night before the adoption, but due to major storms in the midwest they were unable to.  I was really disappointed that they were not able to attend the court hearing (so were they), but so glad that they came out for the rest of the weekend anyway because it was a special time.  We went straight from the courthouse to the airport to pick them up and they stayed through Sunday.

Friday night we had a big cookout with family and friends to celebrate.  I realized as we were cleaning up that I had not taken one picture.  Shocking (and disappointing), but I guess I was just really enjoying the moments.  My heart is full of pictures though... pictures I will treasure for years to come.

 I did snap this picture of our dads (and grill lid - they cooked over 60 hot dogs for the evening!)

 When we got home that night, Naomi got a second wind and was very entertaining.  Here she got a hold of the string on my mom's shirt and decided it looked tasty.

 My parents with all 3 girls...

...and with Naomi.

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