Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Helper

Malia is such a big help with Naomi.  Sometimes she will keep an eye on Naomi for me while I run upstairs to grab something or take a quick shower.  And sometimes after Naomi wakes up from a nap, Malia will hop into Naomi's crib with her and entertain her for a few minutes while I, in this case,  finished getting dinner in the oven.

Not a great picture, but we have a video monitor and so I can not only hear, but also see their interaction which is pretty entertaining.

Note on the video monitor: We have received a few free ones to review.  Before we got one, I thought they were a little overbearing and couldn't imagine spending the money.  Now I am kind of an addict.  I feel like Big Brother sometimes!  Also for those of you really examining the photo, I guess we never set the date on the camera because it says 2011.

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