Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Hike

One morning in Steamboat all 14 of us set off for a hike. Hiking with kids is definitely a challenge and sometimes in the middle of it, as kids are whining and tired of walking, I wonder why we do it. But I know it is good to push them (and ourselves) and to explore nature. This hike ended at a stream which was a nice payoff.

 Crossing the stream to explore.

 I stayed with Naomi on dry land and tried to keep her from getting bit by mosquitos. 

 On the way back, Davey really wanted me to hold her and so I strapped her onto my back in our carrier.  She actually felt less heavy than carrying Naomi!

 In a beautiful field of wildflowers.

And since I had Davey, Pops carried Naomi the whole way out. 
She was happy despite her very serious look.

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