Monday, July 29, 2013

Hospital Visit

Last Thursday was Naomi's birthday. Part of our celebration was going down to the hospital where we first met her and where she spent the first 4 weeks of her life. We went to thank the nurses who cared for her and to show off how big she had gotten.

After our visit in the NICU, I found myself wanting to linger in the lobbies where pregnant women were waiting to see the doctor.  I found myself imagining Naomi's mother who was there one year ago giving birth. I found myself with tears in my eyes (and would have bawled if Malia and Davey weren't with us).

As we left the hospital, I also found myself full of joy. This little girl is a part of our family. And those days were she was so tiny and frail feel so far away.

Adoption is complex and beautiful. It is hard and rewarding. Most days I do not think of Naomi as being adopted. She feels so much a part of our family that I can forget that I did not give birth to her. But there are days when I am confronted with the truth of her adoption. I find myself worried about how she will process it as she gets older... I think of that woman who was her first mother...

We recently watched a documentary called Somewhere Between. It follows four young women who were adopted as babies from China. I highly recommend it. It was fascinating to watch these strong young ladies deal with their adoptions. It offered a great mix of reality and hope, what I think adoptive parents need.

I don't have all of the answers and don't know what is to come. But one thing is for sure; as we celebrated Naomi's birthday and reflected on meeting her, we again felt humbled and honored that God chose Andrew and I to be Naomi's parents.

Our first day meeting her...
.. and outside that same room a day shy of a year later. (It was either going to be Naomi with a water bottle in the picture or Naomi screaming in the picture because I took the water bottle away. I chose Naomi with the water bottle!)

But here she was later that day without a water bottle blocking her face!

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