Thursday, August 01, 2013

County Fair

We attended the county fair recently. Highlights included pig racing, a junior rodeo and the petting zoo.

 Pig (and dog) racing.

Big pigs. Fast pigs. Small course. Short race. Entertaining nonetheless.

The gave out colored tickets and then there was a raffle at the end. 
Davey's pig/ticket won and she got this sweet bag. 
She was/still is really pumped about it.

 Part of the crowd at the junior rodeo.

The kids would love to join the rodeo. 
Here is Davey riding her pinwheel like a horse.

Naomi enjoying the show.

 An alpaca at the petting zoo. It looked nice... 

... but here it looks like it wants a bite of Tess.

All of this fun for $5 parking. Not bad. 
And two nights after this we were able to see the fireworks from our bedroom window!

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