Sunday, August 25, 2013

Creation - Kindergarten

The My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculm starts out with a 10 day study of Creation. We condensed it to 7 days, but loved it.

Each day, we read a one or two verses from the Bible that corresponded with what was created that day.  Then we made a page for our Creation Book and colored a number (see pictures below). Most days we did this during Naomi's morning nap so Davey joined us, which was fun.

I had chipboard books from Michael's that we used and I found lots of helpful ideas for the pages here.

Malia's book pages/days 1-4. 
We used crayons, watercolors, stickers, textured papers, glue, etc.

Days 5-7. They cut out printed images and images from magazines.

And here are Davey's pages. She only has six because one day she did not want to make the page and I didn't force her.

Completed books held together by a metal ring. 
(I had to put the text of Davey's on the back on the page.)

 The curriculum came with numbers to cut and color. After we learned about day 7, we pasted them all together on a long sheet of green paper.

During this time, we got these Creativity Cans that they were handing out at Michaels. The idea was to make something out of the materials in the box. This is what the girls made. It was fun to explain that since we are created in the image of God, we get to be creative just like He was creative when he made the world.

On day 7, we read through the entire Creation story in a couple of our kids Bible's. My favorite was from the Jesus Storybook Bible. I teared up reading it because it was so beautiful.

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