Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

For Kindergarten this year, I am homeschooling Malia but also taking advantage of a program our local school district offers for homeschoolers which allows her to go to school one day a week (for a full day).  Last Monday was her "first day". It was actually more of an orientation and I got to stay with her the whole time which we both loved (ok maybe I loved it more than she did).

Yesterday was her first full day away. I am still in denial that she is really starting school. I volunteered to help with lunch duty thinking Malia would really want to see me halfway through her first full day (yes I admit I am a helicopter parent) and found out that I was wrong. She didn't care to talk to me at all.. she was too busy with her new friends! It made me both happy and want to cry. Growing up is hard (for parents).

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