Friday, August 30, 2013

Malia's Art

I mentioned that we have the Atelier art program for Malia this year. She absolutely loves it and asks almost daily if we can do another art lesson.  There are 18 lessons for the year, we have already done 4 and its not even September!

 The first lesson was about lines. They were instructed to draw a caterpillar and then fill it in with pattern. As soon as we finished, she wanted to go on to the next lesson. I didn't have materials ready so I offered to let her do it again and she did.

 In the second lesson, they recreated Picasso's "Hands with Bouquet". I loved that she started with primary colors and had to mix her own secondary colors. Again she ended up doing this lesson twice.

 Her second painting.

 The third lesson featured texture and they were to create animals using textured fabrics. First and second creations are above.

In the fourth lesson, they were supposed to draw clowns and then fill them in with patterns. This is harder to see because she used colored pens but again, she did it twice.

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