Sunday, September 22, 2013

E is for Elephant

Our phrase for this week was "I will remember what God has done for me." We talked about elephants, who apparently have fabulous memories.

Word to Remember Copywork - I cut out the shapes and then had Malia figure out how they could make an elephant head. She wrote her words and then for some reason wanted to add the names of all of her extended family members around it.

Elephant masks and ears that I found on clearance at Michaels.

MFW had an idea to trace images from Oliver by Syd Hoff. It was such a hit with Malia.

She traced and traced and traced.

Another idea from MFW was to have a tray of objects, to take one away and see if the kids could guess what was missing. We played a few rounds of this game.

And after reading Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young, the MFW curriculum suggested having an item in a bag and having the kids just feel it to see if they could guess what it was. We had a fun time with this simple game as well. (And yes Malia is trying to take a picture of Davey as she guesses - Malia has inherited my love of photographing everything!)

Malia has not been loving our reading lessons, so I decided to get a bunch of Elephant and Piggie readers from the library because I know she loves them and thought it might be a less painful way to get her to read aloud to me this week!

Some of our elephant books...

... and the rest.

And here is her Atelier art project for the week. Potato stamped and oil pastel crayon family portraits.

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