Thursday, September 05, 2013

Teeth Update, My Blue Eyed Beauty and A Few Thoughts

Naomi officially has one top front tooth in and the other broken through which means her smile will look a little less silly soon. I tried to get a picture the other day of her teeth and did not have much success.  Here's what I got.

 I love the chin up, I am not going to cooperate look.

 And this, I am going to put my cup up and really not cooperate.

 Finally a little peek into her mouth.

 Davey on the other hand was really willing to show me her teeth (and food).

Davey has lots of camera smiles... usually she is looking away from the camera when I try to take her picture. I love this series of her especially the bottom one.


Recently on a walk, Davey said to Andrew that Naomi had the darkest skin in our "5 family." I am almost certain it was just a remark of observation, but Andrew took the opportunity to explain a little bit about Naomi's birth parents.

A few days later, Davey was with Andrew's parents and she was talking about our 5 family and how she and Malia came from my tummy and Naomi came from the hospital.

Something about this series of events struck me. Despite having social workers in and out of our house for 10 months and having to go to lots of appointments downtown, a lot of what happened in the last 13 months since we met Naomi has gone over Davey's head. She looks at Naomi as her darker skinned sister from the hospital. It is pretty simple in her mind. And so beautiful. She isn't aware of the messiness of adoption... the hurt, fear, disappointment, shame, feelings of rejection. I am so thankful at this glimpse of life through a 3 1/2 year olds eyes. 

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