Thursday, October 03, 2013

100 Board

One of the cool things about Malia going to school once a week and Naomi still having a morning nap is that I get a little chunk of one on one time with Davey.  She is a smart girl (warning, definitely going to brag on my kid here). Last week, she wanted to do "something fun" during our time. I told her we could do math and she said no. But when I got out our hundred board, she changed her mind (or didn't realize it was math!)

I was amazed at how much it captured her attention and how she naturally understood the sequence of numbers. She didn't know all of the ten numbers (forty, fifty, etc.) but once I told them to her, she could count up to the next ten (fifty-one, fifty-two, etc.) 

We got all the way up to 40 in our first sitting and then had to stop because N woke up. We picked it up a few days later though and she made it all the way to 100. 

I loved watching her do this activity and tried to let her figure out things and self-correct as much as possible (please notice she is putting in 33 on its side!) Sometimes she would ask what a number looked like and I would tell her the number sequence (sixty-seven is 6 then 7).

I am happy to say that math turned out to be "something fun" after all!

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