Wednesday, October 30, 2013

15 months

Naomi hit 15 months a few days ago. Thought I would tell you a little bit about her these days!

::  She just started cruising along furniture and stepping when you walk with her. Her physical therapist is going to discharge her after her next visit which is strangely bittersweet.
::  She is an effective pointer and can communicate a lot with her finger and by lunging her body in the direction she wants to go.
:: Her top 2 words are probably "No" and "Uh Oh" (or sometimes just "Oh") and she can sign "Please" and occasionally "More".
::  She started speech therapy (which I have mixed feelings about). Our hope is that it will decrease the amount of screeching she does to get our attention and increase her words.
::  You cannot eat dessert or give the other girls a treat in front of her and not include her. She knows and wants in.
:: She likes to feed herself with a spoon or fork. This is of course rather messy, but she loves it.
:: She likes spicy foods.
:: She has had a cold for over 2 weeks and is cutting some molars. This means we have seen more snot than I thought was possible in the last 2 weeks.
:: She laughs when someone else is crying and cries when Andrew rough houses with the other girls.
:: She is obsessed with the coupe car whenever we play outside.
:: If she sees her shoes, she wants you to put them on her.

Here is a series of her feeding herself. I love the progression...

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