Tuesday, October 01, 2013

E is for Europe

We have spent some times over the last couple of weeks studying Europe. 

I made an Europe box to explore.  It included a couple flags, postcards, information cards, old coins, Sticker book and mini replicas of famous buildings.

 I got the European animal cards and picture cards here and the composer cards here

The girls enjoyed the Putumay European sticker book that I found 75% off at a local toy store.

We went to World Market one night and picked out European food...

... included crepe mix (Nutella and strawberries inside!)

We got some books from the library.

We read about some famous Europeans - Christopher Columbus, Louis Pasteur and Elizabeth Fry - thanks to these ValueTales books I found at a kids consignment sale.

Andrew read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the girls (Roald Dahl was born in Wales) and we watched the Sound of Music (but learned that after the intermission was a bit heavy for the girls).

We also read these Madeline books that all take place in European cities (London, Paris and Rome).

And Malia colored some European flags.

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