Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Elephant and Piggie Cartoons

I forgot to post these with our elephant stuff. I found this print out here. Malia (first one) and Davey (second one) colored them and then added words. I thought it was so funny to see what they came up with.

E: "What are you going to say on stage Piggie?" 
P: "I'm going to say a funny word."
P: "Banana!"
E: "What?"
E& P: "Ha ha ha ha ha! He he he he he!"

 E: "Hello Piggie. What should we do today?"
P: "I don't know."
P: "Let's go walk and think about what we are doing."
E: "Have you thought about anything you want to play?"
E & P: "Let's laugh and fall on the ground."

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