Sunday, November 10, 2013

Davey's 4!

 Yesterday was Davey's 4th birthday. We celebrated Friday night with friends (pictures to come) and on Saturday morning with family. Saturday night we opened some presents with our five family.

These were part of an attempt to get a picture of the 3 girls before we opened presents. As you can see Naomi is much more interested in exploring the presents than getting her picture taken!

 Davey's senior picture shot.

 Our glam gal sporting some of her new duds.

We are so grateful that this blond haired, blued eyed beauty is a part of our family. She is spunky, silly, and smart. She loves lots of things that start with P and wants to be a princess when she grows up. She does not like to go to the bathroom and can hold her bladder forever. She loves to color. She always wants to do something fun. She would wear a dress everyday if she could. She is introverted and most days loves to nap still. We love our Davey Lou.

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