Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neighborhood Owl

Last week while "running" in our neighborhood, I spotted an owl. (Full disclosure: I run about once a month... or maybe every other month). It was just sitting in a bare tree not far from the path I was on. I went home, grabbed Andrew and the girls and showed off my find.

Since then, we have been back 3 more times to see our owl.

On our last visit, Andrew had the idea to look for owl pellets under the tree. (The owl had already flown away thanks to one of our children who might have started throwing a little fit and scared it away).
We saw some pellets and it took me back to middle school when we had to dissect them in school. So thanks to a tissue, a box and a brave Emmie who picked them up, we brought these two home.

 The girls got way into it. They (mostly) used toothpicks to break the pellets apart and find bones inside the fur.

 A close up of some of the bones we discovered inside.

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