Monday, December 02, 2013

B is for Butterflies, Buttons, Bean Bags...

The B unit was supposed to be about butterflies, but since we already studied butterflies earlier this year, we did not spend as much time on it.

 We did have lots of fun with buttons. Here the girls are sorting...

 ... and filling in this Button Hunt.

 Davey used the buttons and googly eyes to make a creature.

 And Malia decorated this balloon printout with buttons.

 Malia spent long periods of time sorting buttons into an ice cube tray and then created pictures with them...
... button pictures above and butterfly below. I let Malia color this butterfly and then later looked at my "teaching notes" and realized I was supposed to explain symmetry to her before she colored. I went back and realized she did color it symmetrically even without me asking. It turns out she knew that butterflies wings were symmetrical (although she didn't know the word!)

 We had fun tossing bean bags.

We compared birds to butterflies and made a list of ways they were the same and ways they were different. Malia spent lots of time in that 500 Butterflies book picking out her favorites.

Here are some of the other books we read.

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