Thursday, January 30, 2014

H is for Horse

For H week, we studied horses and I realized that I know very, very little about horses.

 We used these horse cards to learn about different breeds.

 Here are the books that we read. Malia loved Black Beauty (which I guess is another non-American Girl chapter book we read last month!)

The MFW saying we talked about this week was "I obey right away." We used Hymns for a Kids Heart by Mrs. Bobbie Wolgemuth to learn Trust and Obey and the story behind it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

18 months

Naomi hit the 1.5 year mark over the weekend. 
We are so thankful for this little girl who...

 ... took off walking last week! Its like someone flipped a switch. Before she would take steps here and there, but almost overnight she is all out walking.

 She is our fashionista and always has interesting combinations of clothes like the ones featured above! Sometimes she refuses clothes, sometimes she demands shoes, sometimes she makes a mess while eating and gets to wear the clothes that are nearby and a lot of days she does not get out of her pajamas (and neither do I!)

She hasn't used a pacifier since she was a few months old, but likes to chomp on this toy one a lot recently. 

She can be entertained for a quite awhile by playing with her food. Here she had fun painting her face with some yogurt. Also should note that sometimes she does not want her jacket taken off, especially this cool one!

(Malia took this photo of yogurt face which I think is cute.)

She loves imitating her sisters... here she is flipping through an American Girl magazine.

Her new words are nana (banana), and hot, but her favorite word is probably (and unfortunately) still no.

Love this little girl.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just Dance Kids

Last Saturday Andrew went to a men's breakfast at our church and since I had to wake up at a reasonable hour on a Saturday, I was dragging a little. 

Enter Just Dance Kids. It entertained all 3 kids and even got our heart rates up a bit.  My favorite part was that Naomi was right in the mix with her own Wii controller.

American Girl Book Binge

Ever since Christmas, we have been reading American Girl books like crazy. In one month we read 20 of them aloud! Both Malia and Davey really enjoy them.

We own some of the books, but our library also has a really good selection which has been nice.

Somewhere in that month, we diversified a bit with Doctor Dolittle, but then it was straight back to American Girl books.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

G is for...

G is for getting distracted by Christmas and getting lazy with school work :)

 Gumball trees. Davey decided to give hers a face which I thought was creative.

 I had a gingerbread people kit with cutouts and stickers. Here are a few that they decorated. I loved how they used the white squiggles as hair on what they declared the "grandparents".

Our books. Sadly I can't even say that we read all 5 of them.

It is a new year now and I have renewed energy for school. My apologies to the letter "G" for not doing much, but at least I didn't totally skip you like I did "F"!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Davey Time

I rarely get one on one time with Davey, but I always enjoy it. As long as she has my undivided attention, she is happy with just about anything we do. Last week we worked on spelling out words. I haven't done this kind of activity with her yet and I was really impressed with her ability to sound words out.

She wanted to spell pig, dog, insect...

... cat and flamingo!

Here she tried to sound out the word on the picture and then flipped it to check if she was right. Several day later, she still remembered what the words were which was exciting.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hibernating Day

Last week, Malia was supposed to wear her pajamas to school and bring a stuffed bear because they were having a hibernation day. Usually when I ask her if she wants a ponytail or clip in her hair, she says no... a majority of the time she just wants her hair down (and preferably unbrushed too!) 

When I asked her on hibernation day though, she said she wanted two bundles (what we call buns in our house), so that it would look like bear ears!

My cute little bear.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The bathroom stool

One of Naomi's favorite toys these days is the bathroom stool. You will frequently hear her scooting it along the wood floor searching for the place she wants to explore. Impressively, she can have the stool in the center of the room and without holding onto anything, she can not only pull herself onto it, but also stand up on it. (Yikes!)

We have gotten into the habit of closing the bathroom door so she cannot get to it but she is determined and now if she stands on her tippy-toes and strains, she can open the door by herself. (Double yikes!)

Here is she is trying to figure out a way onto the kitchen chair.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Naomi is 17.5 months old. She is getting more bold each day in her attempts to walk. I caught her taking a few steps the other day (and catching her balance).

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Jesse Tree

In December, we used these printable ornaments and read (almost) daily from The Jesse Tree.

The Bible stories in it are really good, but the grumpy old man was a little much for me.

We have a small fake tree that the girls hung their ornaments on after they colored them. It was a great way to countdown to Christmas and remember the ancestry of Christ.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Lego Girl

We have a table in our loft that has become the lego table. It used to keep the legos safely away from Naomi but several weeks ago she mastered pulling herself up on the bench and legos are no longer "safe". It cracks me up how much Naomi loves playing with legos. 

A face of concentration as she tries to put a hat on a lego person.

Friday, January 03, 2014


A couple days after Christmas, we went on a great hike through some woods that are only 20 minutes from our house (trees don't grow naturally out where we live...)

 Andrew spotted a sweet fort that was big enough for all of us to go in. The kids really enjoyed playing in and around it.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Christmas Eve Cousin Love

A couple of cousin pictures from Christmas Eve.

 Trying to get the 6 present on their bellies...

 ... but Naomi was more interested in getting the camera.

Rare picture of me and Nomi. 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I took just a handful of pictures on Christmas. I guess I was enjoying the experience too much to remember to take pictures!

 Davey and Malia got ribbon wands in their stockings so here they are dancing and swirling and singing.
Naomi's favorite stocking stuffer was these sunglasses (bling, bling).

We had a great day. The kids are at great ages to really bring magic to Christmas.