Wednesday, January 29, 2014

18 months

Naomi hit the 1.5 year mark over the weekend. 
We are so thankful for this little girl who...

 ... took off walking last week! Its like someone flipped a switch. Before she would take steps here and there, but almost overnight she is all out walking.

 She is our fashionista and always has interesting combinations of clothes like the ones featured above! Sometimes she refuses clothes, sometimes she demands shoes, sometimes she makes a mess while eating and gets to wear the clothes that are nearby and a lot of days she does not get out of her pajamas (and neither do I!)

She hasn't used a pacifier since she was a few months old, but likes to chomp on this toy one a lot recently. 

She can be entertained for a quite awhile by playing with her food. Here she had fun painting her face with some yogurt. Also should note that sometimes she does not want her jacket taken off, especially this cool one!

(Malia took this photo of yogurt face which I think is cute.)

She loves imitating her sisters... here she is flipping through an American Girl magazine.

Her new words are nana (banana), and hot, but her favorite word is probably (and unfortunately) still no.

Love this little girl.

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