Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Last weekend, we went up to Copper Mountain with Andrew's family. Someone brilliantly suggested that we put the older 5 grandkids on skis. It was such a blast. We were all amazed at the kids' attitudes, perserverance and talent :)

The cousin crew (minus Ro).

 Davey and Malia on their first runs. I love how these pictures show glimpses of their personalities... Davey is more carefree and daring. Malia more cautious and controlled. 

 More runs with Pops and Emmie. Andrew's parents helped the kids ski down so they could get used to it. So grateful for their help in teaching all of the kids.

 T is only 2 1/2 but did so great. I was really impressed.

 Des taking a run solo.

A big smile from G after going off a jump.

Naomi and Ro weren't on skis but they were outside with us. Despite throwing a massive fit the first time we put her snow clothes on, Naomi quickly learned that getting all of those layers on meant she got to play in the snow. Rowan was such a trooper. He even took a nap in a sled at one point.

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