Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ramona Day

Earlier this year, I started reading through the Ramona series with Davey. It was her first time listening to the full series. Malia joined us too which means she has listened to the entire series 3 times in the last year or so. What can I say, we love Ramona!

While reading one day, I came up with the idea that we should have a Ramona Day after we finished the final book to celebrate. The girls and I have been talking and planning Ramona Day for weeks. Here's some of what we did...

As often as they remembered, Malia was called Beezus, Davey was called Ramona and Naomi was called Roberta.

 Each girl got a full tube of toothpaste to squeeze out because in an act of defiance and curiosity Ramona squeezed out a tube.

 We ate fig newtons and applesauce after marching around the house with instruments because that is what the kids did when Ramona threw herself a party.

We had strips of paper the length of our kitchen floor like the ones Ramona and her father drew on.

The girls each got a box of tissues to empty and disperse around the house because Ramona had given Willa Jean a box to do this with while her parents were hosting their neighbors.

We took our "tin can stilts" outside and yelled "Pieface" at each other.

Davey got to ride Malia's bike like how Ramona rode Howie's bike (and we discovered that the bike she has been riding is too small for her).

Not pictured : I pretended it was pay day and came home with a special presents for the girls (Pop Tarts). 

We talked about lots of other ideas like wearing pajamas under clothes to school, getting a dog and naming it Picky Picky (since we are allergic to cats), going to the library to get a library card, reading about steam shovels, singing the "dawnzer song", having the girls make dinner for us, etc.

Lots of memories made while reading, planning and executing Ramona Day. Thanks Beverly Cleary!

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