Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Hikes

Andrew had Good Friday off, so we met up with Chris, Des and Jonathan (Chris's bro) for a hike.

M, D and D hiding from us.

At the end of our mile loop.

The crew heading back up to the car.

The next day our 5 family went to a nature preserve not to far from home. We ended up hiking 2.1 miles which is a new farthest for the girls.

 Davey checking things out with the binoculars.

On both hikes, Naomi was surprisingly content in the hiking backpack, but she did get out and walk some too. The first picture shows you how she feels about dirt on her hands and the second how she insists on carrying whatever snack we have.

 I love these pictures of Malia racing with Naomi.


Between the 2 hikes we saw mallard ducks, a deer, a muskrat, a turtle, an assortment of birds and a unicyclist.

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