Monday, June 23, 2014

Family VBS

Our church does a Family Vacation Bible School. This was our first year attending and we really enjoyed it. Andrew, Malia, Davey and I moved from group time to games to mission time to crafts to family time throughout the night, while Naomi hung out with other kiddos in the nursery.

 One night we had to wrap a member of our group like a present. (Our team got awarded 3rd place.)

 One of our crafts.

Each of the 5 nights, there was a storyteller. Andrew got called the night before the final night by our friend Paco, who asked if he would help tell the final story. Andrew mostly narrated while Paco acted (very dramatically) - the kids loved it.

Another highlight was the girls joining other kids on the stage at the end and singing the VBS songs. Here they are in full motion glory!

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