Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Field Museum

Last week we were in Chicago for a family wedding. We stayed a few extra days in town to hang out and explore. One day we ventured downtown with the girls to the Field Museum. We loved it.

 Davey and Malia with Sue the T-rex.

 Naomi enjoying some bugs in a sand table.

 There was a sweet kid zone in the bottom floor and we practically had the place to ourselves.

 Malia really enjoyed the pueblo house and the fake corn that you could pick, cook and stack.

 Davey and Naomi exploring instruments from around the world.

 Davey digging up dinosaur bones while Naomi and Malia do crayon rubbings in the background.

 Naomi loves to close doors right now so she loved opening and closing the doors on this wall of artifacts.

 Glad that we got to show the girls a bit of the Windy City.

 I love the faces in this close up :)

This sculpture park was on our walk to the car. Naomi looked at it and said "butts". Fairly accurate and very funny.

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