Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

I do not often wake up Naomi from naps but if she is sleeping when dinner rolls around, I have to! The other day, I snuck this picture in before I woke her. 

Gotta love all of the chaos in her crib. About 3 weeks ago, she started wanting a "blankie" put on top of her (hello hot!) and to cover her dog a bit too. Last week she started sleeping with a mini pillow. And of course there is her best friend "Baba" (also known as her old sleep sack) and a few other toys and books.

Please note the giant bear that is wearing her goggles... this was our compromise because she wanted to wear them to bed. Also I should confess that just about 2 weeks shy of turning 2, I finally took her bottle away which has changed our nighttime routine a bit. Its a little bittersweet to have this sweet one growing up.

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