Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wild Animal Sanctuary

This past week we went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary with some families from Malia's school. It is a place that takes in large carnivores who have been raised in captivity and cannot be released into the wild (It is amazing how many people think lions, tigers and bears make good pets!)

 Here are some of the new tigers who are getting used to be around others before they are relocated to a bigger tiger area.

The sanctuary is set up so you walk above the animals to observe them. Here are the girls on the walkway.

 Looking down at a sleeping bear.

 This is a grizzly habitat closeup...

 ... and here is the wider shot of the big area the grizzly has to live in.

When I asked Malia and Davey if they had learned anything they said yes that having big animals as pets is not a good idea :)

The drive out was gorgeous and included mile long sunflower fields. Even though it was windy and threatening a storm on the way home, I made these two get out of the car for a picture.

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