Thursday, September 25, 2014

Columbus Zoo

We ventured to the Columbus Zoo last week and I was really impressed by it.

 Before entering, the girls ran to say hi to the seagulls in the parking lot.

The zoo has some animals that ours doesn't, like koalas, manatees, and this giant tortoise which were fun to see.

 One orangatang was right up on the glass and the girls enjoyed saying hello.

 They have a dinosaur ride that Malia really wanted to go on. She has been earning and saving some money and decided to spend some of it so that she, Davey and Andrew could ride. She loved the ride and was glad to have spent her money on it!

 They had a giant play place that they girls would have spent hours at if we let them. If you look closely you can see all three girls on the very top level. Malia helped Naomi navigate some of the harder parts and they made it to the top together.

There are statues of animals throughout the zoo and the girls loved them. They wanted to climb and get their picture taken on each one we passed.

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