Monday, September 29, 2014


While in Columbus we visited COSI (which I visited growing up).

In front of the foucault pendulum (that I remember seeing some 20 years ago).

We watched rat basketball... its exactly what it sounds like :)

 Naomi enjoyed the water area.

 Davey and Naomi exploring parts of the huge preschool area.

The girls steering imaginary horses in their buggy in the Progress area (which they loved).

 Malia working an old camera while Davey gave the news.

 The whole place is just full of cool, hands on things for kids.

 Outside they have a few neat things including a lever that allows you to pick up a car (and picks up small children who hold on - see Davey?!?!)

The other strong memory I have of COSI is this electrostatic generator. Both Malia and Davey were too shy to touch it and have their hair stand up, but they participated in this group shock with Andrew.

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