Thursday, September 04, 2014

Museum Trip

This year a few of my homeschooling friends and I are being very intentional about scheduling lots of field trips together. Last week we went to the Nature and Science Museum. Since the school year just started, not many people were there, so even though we have been there a handful of times this year, it was like a new experience.

 Riding wolves outside.

Scientists. We tested cereal for sugar content, looked at cells and tried to fight bacteria.

We were at the museum for over 5.5 hours and my little introvert needed some alone time so she recharged herself by patiently uncovering some dinosaur bones.

 Happy girl.

Meanwhile her more extroverted sister was being a flower through the seasons with a group of kids.

And the funniest part of the day might have been seeing Malia as a 70 year old thanks to some great computer program in the health section that aged her right before my eyes.

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