Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Third Child

We often joke about the disadvantages and benefits that Naomi has from being the third child in our family. Recently, I got out the play dough for Naomi, something I admit she has not seen a lot of because, well, she is the third child. She asked to play with one color, then another and another, and on and on, but she never wanted to put any of the previous colors away.

I don't think I ever let the other girls have more than 2, maybe 3 colors out at a time. So here lies the benefit of being the third child when it comes to play dough. Since I don't have time or mental capacity to care about saving the play dough (also can be stated, I don't have time or mental capacity to be the control freak), if it gets ruined, it gets ruined. And so she got to take out all of the play dough colors she wanted! And wouldn't you know she didn't even mix them up!

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