Monday, November 10, 2014

Davey's 5th Birthday

 Over the weekend, we celebrated Davey's 5th Birthday. We went with a mermaid/under the sea theme (thanks to the Barbie Pearl Princess dress that we found months ago on clearance.)

 As the girls get older, they have more and more opinions about their parties. They also want to help more. They helped me make and decorate the cupcakes.

 Davey the mermaid

 We had a late morning party and this was our food spread. Simple and easy, yet mostly themed.

 Our peak number was 12 girls (9 guests plus our 3). And yet it was some of the calmest, most peaceful 2 hours our house has seen in recent days. The girls played so well which was great because I didn't have a ton of structured activities for them.

 Davey with her BFF.

I love how the girls have no concept of personal space when present are opened.

Sweet smile while being sung to.

We are crazy about this girl and so happy she is a part of our family.

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